Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I am thankful for....a simple DIY table

Today Brittany & I created a simple table setting for creative & thankful people. She needed an activity for the young women at church and I had a few opinions:) The thought was simple, fast & inexpensive. 
We began with 12x12 kraft paper, turning the edges up and inking for some dimension. A handwritten "I am thankful for" and a few lines invite the person to list a few of life's blessings. 

Mason jars make a fun alternative to a glass. brittany added wash tape, twine, and a sticker tag for initials.

We have always had a family tradition of Thanksgiving trees of one kind or another. Last year I created 3 printable versions. We chose to copy in black & white for this table setting. The link to these trees is below. Download the image to print. Make sure it is on the "fit to page" setting in preview. They will be 8x81/4".

Choose, print for each guest and enjoy counting your blessings!

A paper napkin was rolled inside the tree. Brittany wrote her name in lower case on a manilla tag and then inked the edges. Twine tied the 3 elements together.

I rounded up a placemat, charger and plate and viola...a blessings place setting was born:)

"I am thankful for" a profound question. 

Grateful turns what we have into enough...
and that makes us happy:)

A couple of years ago I wrote 30 thank you notes in changed me.

Thankful for me...a child's perspective

Printable Thanksgiving trees

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kissing frogs...Annabelle's princess party

One of the most fun things I have made this year is a kissing frog game for my grandaughter Annabelle's 4th birthday. The theme was a princess party (of course...she is 4!) Since we like to believe that a frog can sometimes become a prince it seemed like the perfect party game:)

I used the Create A Critter cartridge for the frog.

Three frogs were laminated and mounted on blue pond (project board),
then lips were cut from the Tie the Knot cartridge. They were quite large
so little people would have a fair shot of placement:) 

The little girls loved this game as you can see by the lips!

I have gotten ahead of myself in the birthday story....before you can kiss a frog you must first become a princess with all the trimmings for your kingdom!

Castles were cut from the Paper Dolls cartridge

After her castle was built Annabelle donned her finest party gown with dress up gloves (that she kept on only for a minute!)

 The birthday princess was joined by a real Princess India for the party. Princess Annabelle was the only one that wouldn't talk to her....classic:)

 The party began with princess bracelet making...

One of the 3 prince's in attendance participated...:)
 A lovely lunch was followed by a jewelry hunt, trampoline jumping...yes in their dresses...and a game of "Count the Witch...which was the very favorite activity at the party.
We did have some reluctant princes who found themselves surrounded by more girls than they could handle...haha!

Annabelle had been very adamant that the wicked witch would come with an apple for the girls to eat...Brittany couldn't get that arranged so the "Count the Witch" game sufficed.

A beautiful princess dress cake was made by the queen mother Brittany and all the guests enjoyed ice-cream and cupcakes. The princess also opened her presents.

Baby sister Scarlett tried to intimidate the most shy guest by poking him with a pink fork.
We shall try and work on her party manners:)

At the party's end Princess Annabelle reluctantly agreed for a photo with Princess India, after a bribe of pink lip gloss:)

After the last guest had gone Princess Annabelle danced dreamily to her heart's content...

Grammie waited until the party princess had come down from her throne to give her gifts. Princess Annabelle loved the new clothes for school and had definite opinions about which one she loved best!

Hail Princess Annabelle...may the world do your bidding...within reason:)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grateful Family, a chipboard album

Who knew chipboard would be so beloved of crafters? I have made my fair share of these mini chipboard albums, the family one being my favorite. This particular beauty was created by my good friend Sheri, my daughter Brittany's sweet mother-in-law, who recently came to visit!  I love her choice of blues mixed with fall prints. Her attention to detail is evident in the inked edges, embellished pages, & outlined letters. Sheri plans to have her family fill this album with sentiments of gratitude for Thanksgiving...after all...a grateful family is a more happy & successful family!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The homeliest smile

I was in the return line at Sam's Club one day when I began to notice the lady at the counter being helped. I looked at her and realized that in the eyes of the world she wouldn't be given a second glance. She was a middle aged lady with clothes that were ill fitting, unfashionable and frumpy at best. Her hair looked as if a manic toddler went to work with scissors. I could hear her voice which was gravely. Her speech was halting, garbled and hard to understand. She might have been a wall flower in school or even the brunt of jokes. By her appearance she may have never been to the prom and certainly wouldn't have been in the popular crowd. 
The clerk was trying to be patient as the woman struggled to understand the return procedure and credit card technology. My heart ached as she tried to explain her return of a children's book. As I watched and listened it became obvious the woman was apologetic for her inadequices. She thanked the clerk multiple times, nodding her head each time in vigorous fashion similar to that of a child. 
As my compassion deepened a miracle occurred. It was as if the heavens opened. Love flowed freely into my mind and I felt the great depth and unconditional love that God feels for her. It was gone as suddenly as it came but it was real, profound, and life changing. 
She finally finished the return and as she turned around I was surprised. She looked at the line of people behind her and smiled a bright, genuine and happy smile. Her features were terribly homely but in that smile the beauty of heaven was evident. As she walked out the door I said silent prayer that someone on this earth would love her as she deserved. 
I will be forever changed. I will see people differently now that I have felt that pure gift of God's love for this woman. As a popular song declares "What the world needs now is love, sweet love." 
I have learned that real love often comes from the homeliest smile.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hello Fall

Don't you just love these piggy-tails on Savannah! I just have to smile at her 10 month old chubby cheeks and happy grin. Creating pages with photos from text messages is a favorite... Instant satisfaction!
I bought the Canon Selphy for just such a purpose. My scrapbooks are in seasons, events, vacations, holidays, birthdays, school, etc... and my newest addition is a Grammie book for all the random pictures I enjoy on my phone.

Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, the smells,the decorating, the anticipation of the handful of colorful trees (we live in pine tree country)..I love everything about fall!

This layout was fun and whimsical to create with many different layers and embellishments which include:
Cardstock stickers, stickles, glitter, brads, pop foam, felt leaves, ink, punched leaves, printed leaves, twine, bubble letters, pieces of tags, yarn, tabs, rickrack, crochet lace & washi tape.

Happy fall, pumpkins, scarecrows and piggy tails:)