Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine winner!

I asked ladies on my Facebook page to tell me what they love about Nellie's Cottage to win a free night for a future retreat.
It is always fun to hear positive feedback! 

Our mission at the cottage is to be charming, cozy and dripping with southern charm...the best of what home should be! 
A place to retreat.relax.renew

Our winner Jen, penned a heartfelt paragraph:

"When I am at the cottage I feel like I am home. The owners and her family make me feel welcome and are always cheerful and gracious.
The atmosphere is calming and peaceful. I love the "welcome home" feeling of the quilts and retro decorations. My grandmother lived in Vidor so I feel as if I am close to her which brings back childhood memories of spending time with her - Granny Crockett  - miss you!
The homemade food is like soul food making me feel warm inside which further contributes to a weekend of relaxation and fun. My time at the cottage is always too short but I always leave feeling happy and fulfilled.
Thank you for all you do in making your guests feel welcome and opening up your cottages for friends to meet and have fun!"
                                                                                                             Jennifer Underwood

Another couple of sweet comments from the contest...

"My favorite thing is the details. You are a warm and cozy decorator. Nellie's is like comfort food...and fuzzy socks and old friends."                               
                                                                                                            Susan Guidry

"Nellie's Cottage makes me smile with joyful memories-from showers and the times we filled the cottage with love, laughter, and such fun at our girl's retreats!"
                                                                                                            Susan Beard

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating love stories for Valentines!

I wanted to share and celebrate some of the great love stories in my family this week beginning with Nellie & Albert. 

Some love stories spanned 66 years, some are brand new "in progress", and some have learned a few things but still have room for improvement in matrimonial bliss:) 
I fall in the last category!

I chose Instagram for my story telling....visit, be inspired, and celebrate love! Look for the pictures of couples:)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Celebrating 5 years...the Wonderland event!

The snowflakes were hung...

the cookies were baked...
Michael made snickerdoodles, & chocolate chip cookies

the hot chocolate was extra chocolatey...
Mari is my fabulous go-to girl! I told her to double the chocolate!
the chairs had covers and bows...

the beds were all made...
(2 of the rooms at Flossy's)

 Nellie's upstairs loft

Some of Nellie's things were on display...

AND.... after a whirlwind week of flower boxes, landscaping, and baking we were ready to open the doors for our Wonderland of Memories!

Family and friends came through the doors with big smiles and congratulations.

My Mom and Stepdad Earl were the most important guests:)

We had door prizes...4 aprons, 4 cookbooks, 2 cookie mixes, 2 massage certificates from friend Farah,, and 2 $20 certificates to Comtex wireless!

My grand prize was donated by my friend and cousin Cathy, who owns Cathy Cook jewelry. It was a pandora charm reminiscent of the cottage:) Hazel Hall (on the right-pic below) won the charm. She was part of the very first retreat group at Nellie's Cottage in 2010!

I was bit emotional all day thinking about the journey to become Nellie's Cottage.
Just a glance at the picture of the house as it was sent my heart racing and I could feel the ache of those long hours of physical labor in my bones:)

This is where we began....2009, I bought the property 20 years after my grandparents were gone.

PLUS...last year we built my new room Kimberly's and renovated the cottage next door Flossy's (Nellie's sister's home)

One of the things I said on my blog in the beginning was that I am a lucky girl..and so I am!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flowers boxes...amping up the charm:)

My Mr. Nellie's Cottage is the best! I can literally have a idea, tell him what I want and he can build it in a jiffy! Window boxes have been on my wish list for ages and this was the week. Anytime I am hosting an event at my house or the cottage the wish list becomes the "how much can we get done this week" list:) Michael measured the windows, picked up some cedar fence pickets and away he went!

In the interest of no extra weight, no bugs, no rot, no watering, and no fuss...I chose silk flowers. 
Two different kinds of greenery became the design anchor for the flowers which I will change out seasonally. 

Michael & I could not believe the difference. The charm of the cottage is now indisputable!
Well at least I think so:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Collaging my Planner 2015

What began as a whim and midnight creation 4 years ago has turned into a tradition...yes a scrapbooking, creating tradition! I spend quite a bit of time with my planner every year, so why not make it fun to look at:) I first choose the paper and then I search and add a bit of this and a bit of those scrapbook leftovers until there is no more adding to be done! Not very deliberate or scientific but then again pure creating isn't either of these:)
Plain Jane is just not my style:)

This tumble of embellishments make me smile...and that is why I collage my planner!