Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Retreat for Scrapbook Orphans!

I am hosting a retreat!
"Scrapbook Orphans"

Some you are like me...without a scrapping group.
Let's get together, 
make new friends, 
and creatively preserve our memories together!
p.s. Scrapbooking not required! Do what you love to do!

Friday-Sunday April 25-27
stay Sunday night for free!
$130 accommodations
$65 weekend catering 
(need 4 minimum to cater)

We will sleep in 5 different bedrooms at Flossie's our new sleeping cottage and scrapbooking in my new large project room called Kimberly's:)

We still have a kitchenette going in, more blinds & curtains to hang, & the pallet sign on the wall will have a saying in vinyl. 
Table's are arranged and re-arranged according to group size. 

Pictures of Flossie's coming soon-wanted to get pictures and curtains hung first:)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The bunting bandwagon

I happily jumped on the bunting band wagon, although a bit late:) It seems the whole crafting world was "bunting everything" a few months ago. The cottage was the perfect subject for this type of window treatment. Bunting is so easy with no sewing skills required. I love the extra coziness the bunting adds to the cottage.

It all began with a black Friday shopping trip to JoAnn's where the fat quarters were on sale! Fat quarters are simply 18" x 24" cuts of fabric.

Pellon is a wonderful product for crafting! I ironed pellon to the back of each fat quarter.

Chipboard was perfect for creating a 9" bunting pattern. I was able to cut 6 pieces from each fat quarter by tracing with a pencil, then cutting with a rotary cutter. A scalloped edge blade added a bit of charm to the bunting pieces. By the way...I love rotary cutters! How did I ever do sewing projects without one?

The seamstress in me chose to top-stitch each piece to add a bit of extra detail. I am not sure it really made a difference in the overall look once the bunting was added to the windows.

 Grand-baby Scarlett was fascinated with my sewing machine:)

It is always a good idea to arrange and re-arrange colors before making the color order permanent. I chose to do 2 different "lines" of bunting. Twine was hot glued to the back of the bunting with each piece barely overlapping.

Doesn't it look fabulous! It goes so well with the quilt made by my Aunt Betty for my high school graduation. This is my sitting room just off the kitchen at Nellie's Cottage (formerly my scrapbook store room) 

I love the bunting bandwagon!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chewy Coconut Cookies...one of my moms favorite!

I was headed for a visit with my mom and wanted to take her a treat. These cookies are one of her favorites! She usually got out voted on cookie baking flavors when we were growing up because we weren't much on coconut:) so.... If saying I love you with a cookie is possible...then I love you mom:)
This is one of my "weathered" recipes hand written by mom.  She made me a family recipe book when I went off to college which is now falling apart, but is still the first recipe book I grab when baking something "naughty" aka yummy:)

These cookies are so moist and delicious!

Chewy Coconut cookies

Kimberly's recipe tweaks:
3/4 cup brown sugar (instead of 1/2)
1/4 cup white sugar (instead of 1/2
1 cup chopped nuts (instead of 1/2)
...next time I am going to toast the coconut!

These coconut cookies would be fun to color for easter!

You may enjoy another Easter treat...Peanut Butter Nests


Thursday, March 6, 2014

In the leafy tree tops!

One of my tenants left this frame behind and I fell in love! My hubby added a thin backer board to the frame and then I painted it this fabulous barn red. Various blue papers were torn into 4 pieces then Mod-Podged to the frame backing. The branches were cut from the Songbird Cricut cartridge. I arranged and re-arranged the branches before the Mod-Podge was applied. 

I was able to both emboss and cut my birds in one motion with the Fiskars Fuse. I then applied applied Mod Podge to each individual bird. After they were dry, 3M was added to the back of each bird for some dimension. Again, I arranged and re-arranged the birds before gluing them down permanently.

Best part of this project? Hanging my art project on the wall in my new room!

p,s. You will love this vintage bird project for the new room!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scrapbook Expo at the Gaylord!

I am so very happy to be on vacation! And a scrapbooking extravaganza vacation makes it all the sweeter! I absolutely love the Gaylord Texan...it makes me feel all Texas braggy right down to the tips of my short little toes:)

I will update and post pictures as the weekend progresses...

Deciding what pictures to bring to scrapbook...agonizing!
 I chose a trip to Israel with over 300 photos already organized into places visited.

Next...packing only supplies for one album. Well... 
absolutely everything I might possibly want in said album:)

Learning patience while being stranded and delayed 
almost 2 hours from start to finish with a flat tire only 30 miles from home!

 Finally arriving in the Dallas area to visit, cuddle, kiss, and play with 3 of my 
grandbabies for 2 glorious days before the event

Our first event at the Expo..a Mega Make and Take crop
...my favorite project by Heidi Swapp

 Funny idea:)

Seriously need one of these Canon Selphy printers... 
Printed wirelessly straight from my phone!

My sister is actually cleaning out her purse...really? 
Is that the best you can do at a make and take crop?

On day two of the Expo I was so busy shopping and scrapping I forgot to take many pictures!

I began the morning with banana pudding
 since we had no microwave to have the oatmeal I brought... I wasn't too sad:)

My sister, Mitzi and I filmed our first sister video today 
for Scrapbook Weekly. We told the funny story of my hubby telling her hubby that 
scrapbooking was a nice cheap hobby...hahaha! Will share the video when it airs!

This is my most favorite display project in the entire convention!
I bought the paint kit to create these fabulous metal patina effects.
Those are real keys on the heart-brilliant!

Scrapbooking conventions are a wonderful way to meet new friends! We shared a shared a table with Sue and Kay for the weekend. We are now planning a retreat together!

The final night of the event was  Willie Wonka crop. Some groups put forth an unbelievable amount of effort into their table display. I really loved this "cake" made by an interior designer!

I gave up on my Israel album after the first day. I need to put it together when my hubby is around so he can help make sure I get the tours in the right order. That is what comes from scrapbooking a few years after the actual event!

These are some of our pages we put together at the convention...
Mitzi worked on her wedding album, circa 1990

I plan on making this an annual event with a loved one or two!
Have a look at my posts about our trip here last year...

Scrapbook Expo 2013 with my girls!


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I won a contest last year!