Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring banner...birds in foil

Spring is such a glorious time of year! I had a set of chipboard birds languishing in my craft closet begging to be set free! A banner seemed like the perfect creation for my spring mantle.

These particular chipboard birds were from Maya Road. They no longer have these on their website but you may try and find them on Etsy, or Ebay. A simple bird shape in chipboard could easily be cut on a Cricut as well.

The birds were first run through my Xyron adhesive machine. Foil (colored side up) was then laid on the sticky side of the birds and they were run through the minc machine. 

I purchased a Heidi Swapp minc machine last year which works with heat reactive foil. It is simple and super fun to use! There are many colors of foil that can be purchased seperately. I chose pink, mint green, and rose gold for this project.

I have granddaughters that live just down the driveway who frequently burst through my door with a vigorous request for a project:) It make my heart happy to know that they love creating! Scarlett was fascinated with the minc machine.

After the birds were foiled I realized they needed a wing! I traced the wing and then cut generously around the outline. Each wing was attached to the bird with regular adhesive.

Ink was then added to the edges of the birds right on top of the foil to add a subtle outline and a bit more dimension.

Annabelle & Scarlett wanted to have a "shiny bird" too, so I cut pieces of foil from the scraps which they laid on top of the adhesive side of the bird. A pass through the machine and viola...a shiny bird of their own:)

Twine is handy to have on hand in a craft stash and my usual choice for hanging banners. The birds were lined up on the countertop with the tail on the edge for consistency. After the twine was hot-glued to the bird I went back and added another layer of hot glue on TOP of the twine on the bird for a more secure hold. 

The birds were foiled, hot-glued and hung on the mantle...but I felt like they were missing something, so down it came. Enter my collection of spring paper flowers by Prima which has the most divine paper flowers:) I have a suitcase full!

I lined the birds back up on the counter top and scattered flowers over the wings with hot-glue until that magical crafting moment when it seemed complete:).....but hang on to your hat...

A second layer of mini flowers were added as centers to the some of the larger flowers...finding that sweet spot to stop can be a challenge for an embellishment lover such as me!

How do I hang the banners? Packing tape. It works for me:)

I found the field flowers at Hobby Lobby...they are perfect in these urns! Last year I made flower arrangements for each season. It is so nice to walk into the attic and retrieve a ready to go seasonal display:)

These metal and ceramic birds make me smile:) I picked them up from Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning & a local garden center.

And there you have it...chipboard, paper flowers, & foil...a cheerful and hopeful tribute to spring!

p.s.The small paper bird banner was created last year with my Fiskars Fuse machine which cuts, and embosses in one pass. 

Here is the post of that project...

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Altered glass jug in shades of blue

Behold the blue jug:) I have a friend who occasionally supplies me with wine jugs courtesy of an ex-mother-in-law (that's another story!) I was dying to try my hand at bottle alteration after seeing so many on Pinterest:) This bottle is part of my "spring decor" collection. I have decor collections for each season...don't tell the hubby...he's not much on storing stuff but never notices...hahahaha!

We begin here...
Primer is always a good place to start with any painting project.

Shades of blue are kind of my thing at the moment, and I had this chalk paint from Hobby Lobby on hand called "escape"...perfect!


After the blue base was dry, an Inka Gold teal metallic rub was brushed on in several passes around the jug. Once the metallic rub is dry, it can be buffed to a sheen. This is a German made wax based product that comes in many colors. There are several you-tube videos that are helpful:)

As you can see from the picture below, a metallic coppery brown paint was dry brushed as the final layer.
After the paint was completely dry, layers of washi tape were wrapped around the jar, beginning and ending on the designated back to hide the seams. Mod Podge over the washi tape is recommended since washi has a tendency to peel away over time.

An aqua burlap flower procured from my extensive flower stash was secured with hot glue. A perfect finishing touch!

Various shades of aqua, turquoise and teal are liberally and consistently placed around my home as THE preferred accent color...can't get enough:) These colors are also usually worked into any seasonal decor displays.

This blue cabinet can most often be found sporting seasonal and holiday decor. I did a fun paint and stencil furniture makeover on this piece passed down from a sister-in-law. We are one of those revolving furniture diy families:)

You might enjoy the cabinet paint and stenciling project link below. 
The lighting of the cabinet in the kitchen corner does not do it justice!

The soda bottle above was also wrapped with washi tape, sealed with Mod-Podge, and then wrapped with twine. Pastel field flowers fill the vases, bottle and jug with spring time joy!

I have 3 more of these jugs begging to be painted....thinking  one each for a the other seasons:)

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring, washi, & twine!

Spring is my favorite season...okay...and fall:) They are both mild and cool which is much desired in southeast Texas! Winter isn't's just ugly;-} Summer, well... it's like Papa Bear's porridge- TOO HOT! To create a bit of kitchen cheer I often create seasonal countertop paper-craft art. I created this spring display layout a couple of years ago, but added the frame a few days ago (more about that in a minute)...

This spring layout was created with Bazzill cardstock (love the thickness and texture), Martha Stewart butterfly border punch, Prima flowers, & Jolee's paper some ribbon, rhinestones, and a couple other things:)

I googled spring quotes, found three I loved, typed them out and printed them on aqua paper to "blend" into the layout.

Chipboard flocked letters were a lovely gift from a long ago scrapbook convention...I'm a bit of a letter hoarder...hahaha
By the way...if you look closely at the S, it is pieced from cuts of other hardly ever needed letters like Q and J.

Michael built me a stash of 12x12 wooden frames for my countertop paper craft art. My washi tape stash had just the perfect shades of turquoise and aqua to decorate this frame..yes I hoard wash tape too;-}

Wrapping washi tape around a frame is do-able but challenging at an angle without too many wrinkles (some wrinkles are good!) so I decided to layer the washi in straight pieces of various length on the surface of the frame which created a crafty patchwork feel.

What did the world do before Mod Podge? Our family has been using it for almost 50 I can't imagine life without it:) Sealing washi tape in place is always a good idea, especially when one has curious and destructive toddler grandchildren afoot!

Spring paper art paired with fuzzy pussy willow stems and coral field flowers in a rockin' vintage metal fire extinguisher... I am in spring kitchen happiness:)
p.s. that turquoise metal ornament with clear beads came from Buc-ee's...if you don't know what Buc-ee's it, or better yet head to Texas, it's how we do convenience stores in big Texas style:)

In my humble and totally unbiased crafty expert opinion...this frame perfectly completed the spring layout:)

Happy Spring again:)...
"Let your joy burst forth like flowers in spring!"

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hello foil, glitter & paper flowers

"The day the Lord created hope was 
probably the same day he create Spring." 
Bern Williams
Oh how I love spring! New green leaves are unfolding, a cool breeze is blowing through my open doors, and happy gentle sunshine all lend to a renewed sense of hope in my soul!  I am celebrating by crafting and creating springtime decor.

I googled "black and white spring quotes" and found a simple "hello spring", perfect for my project idea. If you type in just "spring quotes", most images will have colored backgrounds with additional images as part of a ready to print graphic. 
Look for free images without water marks.

Saving an image to downloads is my favorite method for temporary images to be deleted later. FYI-The heat reactive foil ONLY works with toner printing. I have a Brother HL-L2340DW which is only for monochromatic printing. 

Pink and mint green heat reactive foil is perfect for spring projects. My Heidi Swapp minc machine is a favorite fancy project helper:)

The machine and foil stash reside in this vintage suitcase, which was another creative project with collage art. (link below)

I love the way light plays with heat reactive foil! This is actually mint green but appears as multi-colored watercolor style image.

As a thrifty crafter, I find ways to use any negative image. There was about a 5x7 piece of mint green foil with "hello spring' left from the image above begging to make something pretty:) white cardstock was cut roughly the same size as the negative foil image.

The card stock was run through the Xyron adhesive machine...a must have! Heat reactive foil must have an adhesive to stick to, this method is my favorite. There are other options is you look on google, but I have had the best success with Xyron adhesive.

The foil image was laid on the sticky side of the card stock, then edges were trimmed.

The card stock exposed letters are still sticky with the process. A flock or glitter is perfect to sprinkle on the letters. Tim Holtz distressed glitter is my favorite! It has a both a velvety and glittery finish. This pale blue is called "Tumbled Glass." 

I tend to create in "batches" so when I pull out my minc machine several projects are on the agenda:)

As most crafters, I have a "hoard' of many items including old frames which are perfect for seasonal or holiday decor. An 8x10 frame was spray painted with an aqua called "seaside" gloss.

The frame was a bit bright for what I had in mind so Inka Gold metallic rub in a creamy white was added to the fame with a cloth. It added a bit of textural interest and toned down the aqua.

Prima flowers are always on my radar when shopping clearance at Hobby Lobby, Tuesday Morning, etc. I simply LOVE all Prima flowers! And yes, I "hoard" those too:)

An old green linen picture mat was a "find" in my frame stash and perfect for the foil print. Random paper flowers were literally dumped on my bed surrounding the framed piece and the flower "tweaking" began! 

After the flower arrangement reached the sweet spot, they were hot glued to the mat and frame. Then the entire framed art piece was sprayed with this clear sealer. I like to seal these types of seasonal art projects as they usually sit on my kitchen counter. 

After the project was complete I noticed the "hello spring" didn't show up from a modest distance so the letters were outlined with a .08 black pen. Next time I will outline the letters before the glitter is added since I probably ruined the pen!

And just like that a new crafty project adds a bit of spring ambiance added to my kitchen!

"Let your joy burst forth like flowers in the spring!"

"It is spring again. 
The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart"                   Rainer Maria Rilke

p.s. After writing this post noticing the "hello spring" still did not show up well enough, I traced the letters with a medium's a crafting evolution. Like I say to "creatively stuck" retreaters at Nellie's Cottage, "This is crafting, not an English doesn't have to be perfect!

Hello Spring.....again:)