Monday, August 15, 2016

Clipboard art...SMILE!

Clipboard art one of my favorite fast creative projects! Plain clipboards are very inexpensive and can be found at Walmart or Office Depot, etc. I chose a neutral color theme to compliment my scrap space decor where this will be on display. 
When I was a little girl people were always saying "Smile Kimberly!"...which I usually responded to with a stubborn frown:) Hence the large glittery smile front and center. I do practice smiling, usually in my car...hahaha I wonder how many people have wondered what I was doing! 

I began by covering the entire clipboard with rows of washi tape in no particular order. This made no dent in my washi tape stash whatsoever! Guess I'll have to find more projects:) l especially love the random searching through both my organized stash and junk drawer for embellishments. Each piece carries a meaning living up to my children's declaration that I can make an object lesson out of dirt...hahaha...I actually have made a object lesson out of dirt:)

The resin clock is from Melissa Francis and reminds me that time is precious and I need to use it wisely. This vintage gold trim came from a long ago fancy dress, the rose trim is recycled from a card! The gold arrow from Thickers points to a quote which makes life a bit easier to bear:)
Heidi Swapp designed these fabulous roses which remind my of Nellie's rose garden.
The smile from Thickers reminds me that I look prettier when I smile:) A wooden butterfly embellished with gold foil with my Heidi Swapp Minc machine suggests that beauty can emerge from the "cocoon of trials"
The paper flourish is courtesy of an Anna Griffin die cut on my Fiskars embossing machine topped with encouragement to laugh often and see the lighter side of life!  
This fun heart is from Luxe and obviously reminds me to love...heaven knows the world needs more love floating around! The Maya Road metal bicycle suggests to me that the scenery of life's journey needs to be enjoyed all along the way.

And there you have it, several of life's lessons all wrapped in a package of washi tape, glittery puffy words, paper flowers, resin clocks, and a metallic butterfly....a stretch to some, to be sure, but's how I creatively roll:)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Birthday board in floral decoupage

What did we do before Pinterest? Well...we cut pictures out of magazines and put them on bulletin boards...hahaha!  Brittany found a great idea for a family birthday board, the perfect gift for her mother-in-law's birthday! This is Sheri...mother of 9, mother-in-law to 3 (soon to be 4), grandmother to 9, and I dare say...many more to come:) She loved her birthday board, and we loved making it:)

Michael is our in-house handy guy, willing to be our point man on creative wooden projects. He builds it, we decorate it!

Anna Griffin is my favorite designer for beautiful floral embellishments. This kit boasts a wide variety of realistic looking flowers on sturdy card stock, ready to punch out, and decoupage! 

After cutting out "Tolman Birthdays" in black vinyl to fill the board, the flowers were layered on the edges, tweaked over and over again until that magical moment when I liked the look, however I did decide to wait until morning to fully commit with Mod-podge:)

I took a picture of the floral embellishment arrangement before taking them off the board to then, layer and Mod-Podge one by one. Three thin layers of Mod Podge were brushed over the entire board (yes vinyl letters), allowing for dry time between layers.

Brittany found the wooden circles at Hobby Lobby, recruited Travis to drill tiny holes in each one, and then requested my handwriting for the names and birthdates with an ultra thin black Sharpie. I had the chipboard tags from Target in my stash which became the month labels, written in a regular thin black Sharpie.

Did you notice that November and December have no birthdays in this family? Bet it won't stay that way:)
Since this board had a 1500 mile journey from Texas to Utah in a fully packed car with 3 little blond munchkins, Brittany wisely took the tags off and stored them safely in a baggie... no thanks for Madeline who very recently has become a champion mess maker!

I am happy to report that the birthday board survived the trip and made this mother smile:)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Madeline's ladybug birthday!

This first birthday was such a fun day with a happy baby... a celebration of life itself! Life is worth celebrating, family is worth celebrating, and most of all grandchildren are worth celebrating:)

A photo shoot and cake smash came first on the birthday list. It was quite the production with costume & set design, custom cake to destroy, photographer, videographer and support staff to "make the baby look and smile" daughter Danielle made the comment that only in America would we go to this much effort for a baby to smash a birthday cake!

Sisters Annabelle & Scarlett joined Madeline for a few icing licks but she ceased to be in a sharing mood with Scarlett in the second picture below...hahaha

Next on the birthday agenda was a simple poolside picnic party with a few close family friends. Thankfully we have learned to pare down the party prep aiming for just enough to have one concentrated spot for pictures. After all children really don't's all for the mommys:)

Madeline didn't need any prompting tearing into the presents. The highlights were a book from friends and a plastic penguin that can be stuffed with "coins"....Grammie has learned it's the little inexpensive presents that garner the most smiles!

The best part of this cute birthday party was Madeline's instant and beaming smile when we started singing Happy Birthday! She really caught the vision that this whole celebration was for her:) We were celebrating her in every way. She is a super smiley happy baby who brings joy to all who chance to see that adorable face! 

Having just experienced her glorious cake smash, tasting chocolate and icing for the first time...Madeline couldn't wait to dive into a birthday cupcake! I love the way this picture captured her bright blue eyes which she inherited from her Welsh/English great grandmother June.

And that's how we celebrated our granddaughter Madeline's first is good:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Glorious periwinkle agapanthus

I don't remember where I saw these flowers for the first time... but they have completely stolen this girl's flower loving heart!
Recently my usual slightly grumpy morning self was stumbling into the kitchen when these glorious beauties of nature caught my eye through the window in full summer glory! A smile spread across my face and suddenly the morning became much happier:) 

This gorgeous flower mob began many years ago with only two plants! They are now multiplying vertically and are now 5 1/2 feet tall...over my head:-} 

This year I captured the progressive stages of blooming. Seeing the unfolding of life creates  a more appreciative heart for the miracle of creation and this abundant and beautiful world!

Each year I eagerly look forward to these magnificent blooms and echo the sentiment of a great artist...
"I must have flowers, always, and always."
Claude Monet

Butterflies & sunshine

Some days it seems the whole outside world is falling apart...and it worries me. You are probably wondering what that has to do with butterflies:)....well... creating is like a balm to my soul, an enjoyable activity that brings me joy, and best of all ends in cheerful seasonal decor like these butterflies!

This project began with my curiosity of "gelatos" by Faber Castell. I love blended color and these babies do just that! They are like a creamy crayon that can be blended into a beautiful watercolor feel. I did learn that you MUST blend immediately after application or the gelatos dry as you applied them. The blues of the Caribbean sea are my favorite!

I had a butterfly banner in mind for the mantle and although the gelato butterflies were pretty, I ramped them up with 2 layers of wings made with cardstock in bright and happy colors. Cricut design space makes finding and layering images so easy:)

The vases of summer flowers on my mantle were the inspiration for the colors of the butterflies. I made 7 large butterflies instead of a multitude of tiny the impact of BIG!

Viola... sunshine and butterflies for a cheerful summer mantle! I found the turquoise flower vases at "Tuesday Morning" for my summer floral arrangements and rounded up all of my other turquoise vases stashed here and there to create my summer mantle. The sunshine wooden word was in the Target dollar section:)

The summertime happiness of my mantle makes me smile every time I walk may be dark clouds "out there" but here in my house it's sunshine and butterflies!

Here is the link to the butterfly on cricut design space