Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lost without Annabelle

     I was fine all day yesterday until I walked into the cottage after Brittany, Travis and Annabelle were well on their way back to Utah. Nellie's Cottage has been home to Brittany & Travis since May. Both Annabelle and my mother came home to Nellie's Cottage as new born babies.
Michael & I knew their moving day was coming but it came much faster than we imagined.
     Lost...that is what I feel today. Lost without seeing her sweet face,  lost without  holding her,  lost without singing to her, and lost without jumping through hoops for her to smile at me.
      I know...I am not the only long distance grandmother, I just need a really good pity party right now!
 How will I do this so that she will know me and I will really know her? How many times can I feed Michael baked potatoes before he notices that all the grocery money is being used for flights:)
      I just keep wandering around the house looking for a stray bottle, blanket, or tiny pink pj's in the hopes that she will be here. For nine glorious weeks I was a real Grammie...you know the kind that recognizes the difference between her tired & hungry cry, the kind that knows she likes to be facing out when you hold her, and that she will goo if you smile, stop talking and just listen!  
     I will miss Brittany scrapbooking & working with me at the cottage. She is my right arm and best companion. I will miss Travis making sure I have a good hug when I need it and scaring me in the dark. I will miss Annabelle's sweet innocence, perfect lips & tiny nose, her singing cry and gentle goo, but most of all I will miss the feel of her nestled under my chin. 

 Tomorrow I will find my way again but for today...........

.....I feel lost.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sweet Christmas surprise, a blog is born!

Janene married my son Aaron August 2008!

My favorite Christmas present this year is my new Nellie's Cottage blog! My sweet daughter-in-law Janene spent oodles of time creating this blog as a Christmas surprise. The funny thing is... a couple of weeks ago I had asked Janene if she could help me get started and she said "Well,  you can always look up blog help sites on google." I have to admit I was a bit crushed. On Christmas eve I even told Keith that I wasn't sure if she wanted to help me with my blog.  Can you imagine the number of white lies we all tell at Christmas:) 
I love everything about this very charming blog...I love the wonderful gift of time and creative energy Janene gave me. I love being a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law, and a new grammie to Annabelle. 
I am the keeper of our memories in photography, editing, printing, sharing and scrapbooking. I hope to leave behind a library of family memories to treasure in my albums. I have visions of cuddling on the couch with grandchildren, looking at our pictures together, telling them funny stories about their parents, sharing the treasured memories of my heart. I will encourage them to live their lives so that their memories are worth remembering. 
Thank you my sweet Janene for giving me such a memory!  

Friday, December 24, 2010

A memory is something special

A memory is something special...

Something meaningful... something real. 

Welcome to Nellie's Cottage, where memories bloom. Nellie's Cottage is a scrapbooking and quilting retreat where the memories you have come to life. Enjoy a weekend get away with your girls...laughing until it hurts, and crying as you remember what matters. 

Many years from now...

when it's all said and done, what legacy will 

you leave behind? A home, a car, or money? 

Or, could it be something more? The quilt you 

make for your child, or the scrapbook you

 leave your grandchildren, transcends

 anything bought from a shop or store.

 Remember, a memory is something

 special...something meaningful... something