Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lost without Annabelle

     I was fine all day yesterday until I walked into the cottage after Brittany, Travis and Annabelle were well on their way back to Utah. Nellie's Cottage has been home to Brittany & Travis since May. Both Annabelle and my mother came home to Nellie's Cottage as new born babies.
Michael & I knew their moving day was coming but it came much faster than we imagined.
     Lost...that is what I feel today. Lost without seeing her sweet face,  lost without  holding her,  lost without singing to her, and lost without jumping through hoops for her to smile at me.
      I know...I am not the only long distance grandmother, I just need a really good pity party right now!
 How will I do this so that she will know me and I will really know her? How many times can I feed Michael baked potatoes before he notices that all the grocery money is being used for flights:)
      I just keep wandering around the house looking for a stray bottle, blanket, or tiny pink pj's in the hopes that she will be here. For nine glorious weeks I was a real Grammie...you know the kind that recognizes the difference between her tired & hungry cry, the kind that knows she likes to be facing out when you hold her, and that she will goo if you smile, stop talking and just listen!  
     I will miss Brittany scrapbooking & working with me at the cottage. She is my right arm and best companion. I will miss Travis making sure I have a good hug when I need it and scaring me in the dark. I will miss Annabelle's sweet innocence, perfect lips & tiny nose, her singing cry and gentle goo, but most of all I will miss the feel of her nestled under my chin. 

 Tomorrow I will find my way again but for today...........

.....I feel lost.


  1. You are such a wonderful person. I hope for the best while you pass through this hard time. I know that you are a very busy ladie, and while little Annabelle was here she calmed and rested your spirit. She will always remember your songs and voice. If you need anything were right next door :) your family The Corleys

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