Friday, December 24, 2010

A memory is something special

A memory is something special...

Something meaningful... something real. 

Welcome to Nellie's Cottage, where memories bloom. Nellie's Cottage is a scrapbooking and quilting retreat where the memories you have come to life. Enjoy a weekend get away with your girls...laughing until it hurts, and crying as you remember what matters. 

Many years from now...

when it's all said and done, what legacy will 

you leave behind? A home, a car, or money? 

Or, could it be something more? The quilt you 

make for your child, or the scrapbook you

 leave your grandchildren, transcends

 anything bought from a shop or store.

 Remember, a memory is something

 special...something meaningful... something


1 comment:

  1. I always wanted to owe a cottage in a place far far away just like in fairytales. Nellie's Cottage looks beautiful. Do share your experiences with us and do not forget the pictures.