Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birthday Retreat Drawing:)

I have been wondering what is good about turning 47...yes... 47? 
My brother will call and remind me that I am on the downhill slide to 50. My children will politely ask how old I am-as if they don't know, and my friends will tell me I don't look near that old-that is why they are my friends... 
I do not want to go back to 27( I was pregnant with #4) or back to 37( I think I was having an early mid-life crisis).  I would, however, really like to have my 17 year old body back but 
since I do not have a fairy godmother or a genie in a bottle I have no choice to be happy with turning 47.

So...I decided to make myself a very happy birthday and celebrate our first year at Nellie's Cottage by giving away a RETREAT! 
Become a follower on my blog and your name is entered in a drawing for a free retreat weekend! 
*Michael the British guy will draw on January 14th:)


  1. I'm a follower, and I think a giveaway is a GREAT idea!

  2. Glad to follow.....and thanks for offering the drawing.

  3. I love it!!! I so get this!!!

  4. I am a follower too! Mary K.

  5. I just became a follower and I would so love to win a retreat! What fun!

  6. I am a follower. Thanks for this chance to win.