Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Clearly Focused"

I heard on the radio this morning that by the end of January most of us have broken our New Year's resolutions and by March they are a distant memory. WHY?
I submit that we fail because we never really focus,  never really commit to our plan.
I know this is my case. I am often like the silly double sign I pass on the way to the airport...

A.M. Donuts
Michael's Fitness
personal training

I want both ...  being fit is desirable, but donuts taste good:)
I have to choose. 
I have to sacrifice. 
I have to focus.

This year I decided to make a visible reminder of my commitments. This was my first photo shoot of this kind. My favorite part was laying in the road to get the tennis shoes shot:)

These are the things I need to do EVERYDAY. These are the basic things that will keep me steady, healthy, and pointed in the right direction...clearly focused. 

Read, mark passages, record thoughts, work on faith, virtue, knowledge in personal progress.
at least 5 a day, juice, eat, juice

double the distance, more jogging

water, water, water-1/2 ounce for every pound--good incentive to slim:)

choose at least one a day
happy guests, more advertising, continued property improvements
more photo's, more albums, more scanning, more history!

Many trips to see Annabelle!

Love my family!

This is my 2011 focus...clearly!

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  1. You having a blog is awesome!
    1/2 an ounce for every pound, I like that! thanks for the idea!