Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Empty Nesters...

Dear Empty Nesters,
I was recently listening to a conversation about "empty nests." The women talked of using scrapbooking as a therapy to work their way through the heartache of their child leaving for college. The question was posed "Is is harder with one child or many?" 

As I am facing a totally empty nest  I have been pondering on my feelings about such a reality. Why have I dreaded this moment so very much? What will I do now? How did I get this old:)
As I think about the reluctance we all feel at such a future I have decided that we should Rejoice in our options, Treasure our memories, Marvel at the distance we have come, and Reach beyond ourselves to the greater world and make a difference! 

We feel "empty" because our whole world revolved around the care and keeping of our little chickens, and when that world ends we panic:)
Take a minute and enjoy a job well done---is that allowed?
Take a minute and think of the possibilities for a different personal growth.
Take a minute and write a list of worthy causes for which you might labor.

We are the hands that once rocked cradles and now we are the very hands that can change the world beyond our home one day at a time. Let us not feel empty, let us not feel alone for we are many! 

For those of you still in the trenches of raising children please know that there is no price that can be placed on the service of a good mother. There will be time to do all things you desire. Those years are a flash, a blink, a moment in time---don't waste a moment wishing it away!

Now this epistle is full of bravado, but I am just as sappy as the rest of you. As I was looking through my pictures I teared up at the memories. I can see then clearly in my mind and feel them deeply in my heart. The good news is that the children really don't leave you...they come home to visit, they marry people for you to love, they give you grandbabies to cherish! 

We must give our children roots so they will know who they are and also wings so that they will be able to fly on their own. Here's to my fabulous four that have flown my nest...

 Thanks for letting me guard the nest for a little high my darlings:)


  1. Thanks for such a lovely post! As far if it's harder with one or more, I'm not sure. My one little birdie flew the nest this year and it has been trying. I thought I finally had a rhythm and was settling in and Christmas break came. Not sure why, but it was almost harder to send her back to school last week. :( I absolutely loved reading about your cottage! I am in McKinney. Will have to come see!

  2. Beautifully said ~ and yes I think you are allowed a moment to reflect on the many you spent molding, guiding, teaching and loving your children into the amazing adults they've become. You see them as God sees you - as a mother, you are blessed to experience a glimpse of this, His greatest of loves.