Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years focus clearly album display

I have had this album display idea for over a year
 ... finally, an idea completed----it feels good!
I truly want to focus on the most important items everyday. The album pages are clear, the embellishments are black & white... symbols of clarity.
This bulletin/magnetic dry erase board is above my work space...I will see this EVERYDAY!
This will remind me to prioritize my time and energy...first things first:) I love the clips holding these pages. You could also glue magnets on the back or use rings and display pages as a album.

 I began this project by printing my pictures size 2x3. This album is 6x6, so you can use one 3x5 or two 2x3 pictures on each page of the Kleer Keepers acrylic album.
For small album projects I print my pictures at home. For large projects I like to use my local Sams club-they know me by name and will do nice things for me like put a border around all the weddings pictures, or loan me $1.79 when I forget my purse:) I learned that their mailed pictures do not have the same quality as the in- store pictures.
The protective film was removed from the acrylic pages and I stamped journaling circles.

I matted the photo's on a reversible black, white and green paper, used glue stick to adhere photos and then embellished the pages with rub-ons from 3 different packages! I love rub-ons!

Ribbon was tied through the album holes and numbers were added to the photos. I chose 6 areas of focus.
Sticker letters from the Salt & Pepper collection and stamps were used to create my title.
The numbers are not really in order of true importance. Sometimes the album just has to go together a certain way:) Really, after God comes my grandbaby! ...okay...maybe after hubby too...depends on the day:)
*Silver magnetic clips are at Bed Bath & Beyond & Target

I am hopeful that with this reminder every day I will not be one of the millions of  Americans who can't remember their resolutions by March! 
The year has begun...let the games begin!

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