Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nellie's Nook-shabby accommodations for 2

The British name their houses. My husband has lived in homes like The Dowry & Edlelston Cottage. Family in England have houses named  Elwell House, Riffa House Farm, & The Stables. We jokingly call our home Crossley Manor:)
  There is something about naming homes that 
helps give them a personality! 
In keeping with our British tradition of naming houses, we named the downstairs apartment "Nellie's Nook." Built in 2009 as an addition to the upstairs apartment, this cozy nook is perfect for a couple's getaway, 2-3 girlfriends, or mother-daughter retreats. We needed this addition to Nellie's Cottage for our guests who may not be able to climb the stairs, and to accommodate larger groups at Nellie's Cottage.

I went shopping for my decor in... my "old window pile" from the cottage construction, my attic & linen closet, goodwill, my mom's attic, walmart, marshalls, etc....all the places for good shabby stuff:)

Shabby yes...chic yes...cozy yes...accommodations for 2...done!


  1. Hi, love your place! I am local and one of these days soon I am going to get some friends together and come play! I do have a question for you...I think I remember reading that you have a cricut there at the cottage? Do you use it a lot? I have the "expression" and the "imagine" and I need some lessons! I'd also love someone to teach me more about "design studio" and "sure cuts alot". I was wondering if you could help me out in that area or know someone local who could? Thanks!

  2. Thank you for giving us a personal tour of the place. Everything looks fabulous! You truly have a talent for interior design.