Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow, the fake Texas kind

We see snow less than "once in a blue moon" in my part of Texas however,
it is January and I AM having my snowman display!

One silver tray from my wedding,  a vase with shimmery greenery & curly stuff:), one favorite snowman, blue snowflake napkins, one package of fake snow, blue glass beads, re-purposed Christmas decorations for January like silver balls & icicles.....instant winter:)

I love this little guy-he reminds me to smile:)

My body clock runs by holiday decorations. As a little girl my mom would always have a corner of the kitchen decorated for every holiday.
It is not Easter without baskets & plastic grass on the stairs...
It's not St Patricks day without my tiny Irish porcelain basket...
It's not Halloween without my vintage 1960's wall decorations...

When the kids were small it was hand-me-down decorations from my mom and cotton ball snowmen from kindergarten. I have seen enough holidays now that I have my own collection for every holiday carefully stored in clear plastic containers in my attic. My sweet hubby doesn't really get this:)
I like to think my family appreciates these displays of holiday cheer. They mark a chance for celebration, a chance for the family to do something fun for the season. I love holiday displays not just for the shimmer, sparkle, and the fun of decorating...I love holiday displays because they spark memories of family traditions, trips and the laughter of my children.... and because they keep me "ticking on schedule!"

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