Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just us...a Valentine date

I was working at the cottage on Friday when an invitation was hand delivered to me.
 A mother/daughter-in-law date! Another sweet surprise from Janene! She took me to lunch, rented a chickflick and we scrapbooked at the cottage for a couple of hours...JUST US

Hallmark has a commercial out that gives us the idea that
Valentines day isn't just about you or me but about celebrating "US."

Just us... is you and one of your children at a time for dates. 
They can be VERY enjoyable when not in a mob:)
Daddy-daughter dinner date 2001

Just renewing old friendships! Nellie's Cottage is the perfect place:)
The" old slumber party crowd" had a weekend at Nellie's Cottage.
We went to  the football game, dinner, laughed for hours and
 even wrapped an old friend's house...we warned her fair & square!

Just us... is time with your mother-in-law:)
Just encouraging your children to really bond with each other!
My girls:)

Just us...  is really getting to know your aunt as as person and not just as Aunt Helen!
Aunt Helen came to visit me one day for a couple of hours.
 I got lost in her memories of how she met my uncle and the song she sang from elementary school:)
I  got a real look into her soul. She is very wonderful!
Just us...means married people still NEED to date.
My dad preached this religiously!
Dinner at Esther's fabulous cajun seafood ---down by the river
Just loving a child or grandchild
or ANY child that needs love...there are many.
I am willing to move heaven & earth to go visit this precious baby!
Just us... means time to bond, time to focus on the one, time to really enjoy one another.

Just us... is reflected in a quote I found this week
"If there is anything better than to be loved, it is to love"

Just worrying less about how we are treated and more about how we love others. I had an experience with this many years ago when I was struggling with a relationship. I prayed over and over again that they would work on loving ME. Many months went by and my prayer was not answered. Finally one night as I was about to recite my request for the hundreth time the thought came forcefully to my mind...YOU need to love them. I was less than thrilled with my answer.
 I wasn't the problem...or was I?

The answer to love is really very simple...less about me and more about us!

Valentines isn't just about a husband or boyfriend getting the
 flowers and chocolate right!
Valentine's Day thankfully, has evolved to something much more.
 Make a "Just Us" date with someone who needs your love 
and this will be 
the happiest Valentines Day/week/month of all:)


  1. Beautiful post! I'm so happy you had fun on our date : )

  2. Wonderful! And thank you so much for donating to Team Audre!!!! Your the best