Saturday, February 26, 2011

The vintage window photo display

Window display in Nellie's Nook-the downstairs apartment.
I love anything "RE"...REcreate, REfurbish, REmodel, REuse, REgenerate. Re means "again and again." What a wonderful concept--things we love can REnewed again! That is exactly what I did with the original windows from Nellie's Cottage. I could not bear to scrap them and so they sat in the back yard for 18 months (while I was deciding what to do with them)  becoming weathered to perfection:)
Leave the windows outside in the Texas heat, humidity, & thunderstorms
for at least 18 months.

This is the Window Project.....
Buy a house built in 1938 OR look at a flea market or garage sale for vintage windows

Carefully remove glass---old glass is very fragile
Sand  to smooth---NOT to remove all the old paint
dry brush white paint sparingly on the frame

cut regular mat board to fit the frame
Choose vintage papers, cut into 6x6 squares

Lay the paper squares on the mat board beginning in the center.
Lay the frame on top to check alignment.
Adhere the squares to the mat board with adhesive.
I also used matte Mod Podge on top of the whole project.
Hot glue the mat board to the back of the window.

I bought light fixture chain and hubby secured it with a screw.
Print 8x10s of your favorite old photos-I decided not to use the black mat, only white.
I love my mega roll of 3M-use generously on the photos
I laid the frames on the floor to choose placement of the photos.
I chose pink, cream & copper paint for the chipboard flourish
 Randomly dab the paint using one brush.  Slightly blend.
Hot glue flourish and Prima flowers to center of window frame.

Always save the negative image for a future project!

Now RE -"again & again" works for relationships
...the most important things we love!
REconnect with an old friend.
REsolve a disagreement.
REkindle the romance in your marriage.
REcommit to a goal.
REsolve to never be like the woman looked out the window into her neighbors yard and said to her husband "Look at that, she doesn't know how to clean her laundry." She did this every time she saw laundry on the line. One day she looked out the window and was amazed to see clean laundry. She mentioned this to her husband who said
"Well, actually I cleaned the window this morning!"

And that is the end of the Window Project.....


  1. Kim you did a great job describing how to do this. They look great! Way to go sis!

  2. I think I'm finally to the point that I can look at other's AMAZING talent and simply smile in guilt, no envy, just grateful that the world receives their creativity. Thanks for making me smile!