Sunday, March 27, 2011

Twas a day before RETREAT time and all through the cottage...

Twas the day before retreat time and all through the cottage,
Kimberly was detailing down to the last bowl of porridge! 

The beds were all made, the towels neatly stacked,

 Chocolate truffles, nuts and crackers were set out for snacks.

The coffee table was dusted, the pillows were fluffed, 

The store was outfitted with new scrapbook stuff:)

The plants were watered, the porch was washed clean,

The broom in fast motion by the Kimberly machine!

The bathroom was scrubbed with a lemony smell, 
Every square inch filled with roses... can you tell:)

The decor was re-arranged and tweeked some more, 
A perfect angle for the blue chicken, the flowers and more,

The tables were set with a lamp so bright 
to fill those late nights with scrapbooking light!

The cricut and cartidges and paper made ready,
 To cut any image be it pirate or teddy!

Nellie's simple plain cake was baked with butterscotch chips,
Delicious cupcakes to pass your lips.

Finally all is ready for retreaters... so Kimberly smiles
A merry retreat to all and to all a very scrappy time!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky is good-Blessed is truly great!

I meant what I said when I started my profile with "I am a lucky girl" Well... down here in the South we tend to say "blessed" not wanting the Lord to think we are ungrateful! I am a little bit lucky and a whole lot blessed. I am lucky that all of us play the piano--blessed that music is such a part of our lives. I am lucky that my hubby is so handsome-- blessed because he is honest, true and a great father to my children. I am lucky to to live in a small town where we have many family and friends--blessed to live in this great land of America.
Lucky is good-Blessed is truly great!
Happy green day...
May you have the luck of the Irish 
and the blessings of a Saint!

I scrapbook by theme, events and holidays... I love this method because the albums always come out on the holiday or event instead of being left on the shelf!
Here's a bit of my St Paddy's Day album... and pictures yet to be scrapbooked.
I always include my children's art work in my holiday albums:)
Be sure and spray construction paper with Archival Mist to prevent crumbling.
 I very often cut out the artwork image and mount it on acid free cardstock.
These original stories are priceless!
 One thing I want to add is a small picture of the child around the same time on the page.
I only keep original art work, not colored copies.
I always make a "cover page" for my holiday albums.

One year we had a family game night and 
homemade cinnamon rolls with green icing:)

One year Danielle wanted to keep her tree up for holiday decorating all year.
We did several holidays until we gave up after 4th of July:)

This was a Happy St Patrick's day text from my daughter favorite pictures of all!

I am lucky to have such a cute grandbaby...
blessed that she is healthy, happy,
and has sweet parents who will always love and care for her.

Lucky is good...Blessed is truly great!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bloom and Snow!

I called my daughter one morning last week to chat. She said she woke up to snow. Although this is not unusual for Utah this time of year, I was struck by the contrasting experiences we were having on the same day! I woke up to sunny skies and my tulip magnolia blooms while she was scrapping snow off her car. What a difference 1500 miles makes! It was a good reminder that whatever I wake up to in life--others are waking up to something entirely different...and I am NOT just talking about the weather:)

 Some us are seeing sunshine and flowers. Some of us are seeing snow. We each have something beautiful to add to the world around us... so Bloom and Snow!