Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky is good-Blessed is truly great!

I meant what I said when I started my profile with "I am a lucky girl" Well... down here in the South we tend to say "blessed" not wanting the Lord to think we are ungrateful! I am a little bit lucky and a whole lot blessed. I am lucky that all of us play the piano--blessed that music is such a part of our lives. I am lucky that my hubby is so handsome-- blessed because he is honest, true and a great father to my children. I am lucky to to live in a small town where we have many family and friends--blessed to live in this great land of America.
Lucky is good-Blessed is truly great!
Happy green day...
May you have the luck of the Irish 
and the blessings of a Saint!

I scrapbook by theme, events and holidays... I love this method because the albums always come out on the holiday or event instead of being left on the shelf!
Here's a bit of my St Paddy's Day album... and pictures yet to be scrapbooked.
I always include my children's art work in my holiday albums:)
Be sure and spray construction paper with Archival Mist to prevent crumbling.
 I very often cut out the artwork image and mount it on acid free cardstock.
These original stories are priceless!
 One thing I want to add is a small picture of the child around the same time on the page.
I only keep original art work, not colored copies.
I always make a "cover page" for my holiday albums.

One year we had a family game night and 
homemade cinnamon rolls with green icing:)

One year Danielle wanted to keep her tree up for holiday decorating all year.
We did several holidays until we gave up after 4th of July:)

This was a Happy St Patrick's day text from my daughter favorite pictures of all!

I am lucky to have such a cute grandbaby...
blessed that she is healthy, happy,
and has sweet parents who will always love and care for her.

Lucky is good...Blessed is truly great!

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