Sunday, May 29, 2011

Watering the garden

I am a water girl. 
I love watering plants by hand...never mind that I have a
sprinkler system that needs repairing!
I love the new colored hoses that match my brick.
I love fancy wrought iron hose hangers.
I love that I can simply turn a knob and clear, clean water flows out at my bidding.
Grandmother Nellie ONLY used rain water for her plants!
She had a water barrel under the eaves of my Papa Albert's shed. 
I have often wondered why we don't do the same...probably because it is more work!
 I love the way plants look when newly watered with small beads of
life giving water clinging to the leaves.
I love the vibrant color of my flowers after the dust is washed away.
 Watering plants is relaxing. I used to sneak out of the house after
dinner & homework when the kids were young for some quiet time with my hose:) 
I actually stand at my big bushes and count to 100 while
flooding the plant with water at the base. 
 I love having so many watering options with my fancy hose head:) I can gently sprinkle, give a fast flood, water on a center line, sweetly shower my tomatoes, or send a strong stream through the air!
 I didn't pay much attention to the lack of rain at the beginning of the summer and 
my crepe myrtle tree is is too late for these blooms!
I have learned so many life lessons from the simple task of watering my plants.
 One day I was yanking furiously on the hose getting
more agitated with every unsuccessful yank!
I finally walked back to see what the problem was and found that
there was a double twist around a bush.
 It did not escape my notice that life is the same...
sometimes I have a kink in my life that is preventing
life giving water from reaching my soul.
I find that ordinary jobs help me to remember the most important things!
There is One, who is the fountain of all living waters. 
I just need to keep the kinks out so I can be His water girl:)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Extraordinary Mother... exactly what I have in my mother Martha!

 I am told I look like her, which is great because she is aging extremely well:) It has been frustrating through the years when people have expected me to live up to her talents and see there is virtually nothing she cannot do. She is famous in her world for giving 100+ in everything! She is a gifted speaker, can arrange a beautiful flower bouquet, always gave us amazing birthdays, and has been the ultimate grandmother to my children. She can sew, can jam, landscape, keep a perfectly clean pool, cross stitch, decorate, throw a party or event fit for the queen, and do it all with the grace fitting a southern lady.
 I know somewhat of the sacrifices she has made on my behalf since I too have raised four children, yet I will always be indebted to her no matter how many small or big gifts I give her for Mother's Day. She gave me life and I will never fill her shoes.
We don't always see eye to eye-I am a bit of a rebel when it comes to always being a southern lady:)
 I like my walls painted red and love zebra print.
She used to threaten to send me to charm school and a few years later I made the same statement to my girls when they were being un-lady like!

Mom, you will be happy to know that just last week someone called me to ask a question, as they explained "because you know about etiquette and stuff like that." See mom I did listen!
Really, I do not believe anyone has ever had a mother that did every single thing a mother should do like my mom Martha. I love you gave me a tough path to follow but I am your daughter which means I have it in me to succeed!
                                                         Love your eldest, and hopefully wisest child:) Kimberly

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother's Story-the winner of my Nellie's Cottage retreat!

With permission, I share the submission that my children all chose independently and without consulting each other --amazing! Here is her story...

Motherhood means more to me than life itself.

I had my first child 20 years ago, then a second 2 years later. Being a mother was great then, but I was what did I know?

Three years ago I decided to start over and have another child.  My current husband is 6 years younger than I am and did not have any children.  He wanted a son so badly...and I knew that I could not keep the joy of being a parent from him.

I thought being a mother was great back then, but now that I am older, I realize just how wonderful it truly is....EVERYDAY!

Last year, at age 39, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was the twelfth female on my mother's side to have been diagnosed, with all eleven prior to me, passing away from it.  So imagine the fear I had...leaving my, then, 2 year old, without a mother.  All I could think about is all the things I would miss out on, not being here with him, missing his birthdays, baseball games, watching him grow up.  I cried myself to sleep many nights, the thought of being without him.

My son is what gave me the strength to fight and survive!  Seeing him smile, hearing him say "I love you to the moon and back"...these little things kept me going.  I never let him see me sick while going through chemotherapy or radiation. I pulled it together because of him!

Now in remission, I look at life in an entirely different way.  I never take his smile, his kiss, his hug for granted. I ALWAYS stop what I am doing, to make time to spend with him.  The little things that once annoyed me...spilled milk, crushed cookies in the carpet, toys all over the longer bother me.  Now I feel lucky that I have a special little person in my life that makes those little messes.  And I know, after experiencing an entire year of battling, that I would much rather be here cleaning up his messes, then missing out on them altogether.

Motherhood means life to me....literally.  I wouldn't trade being a mommy, starting over again, for anything in this world.  I love this little boy "to the moon and back"!

Janina King
Proud mother of Bret (3), Randi (18), Chaz (20)

Janina won a free retreat with up to 8 guests!

I had the children chose 2nd and 3rd choices and these mothers win a free night...
Tracie Wood, Leah Wade, Andrea Washington, Becky Fruge, Rebecca Fabre

I loved the one from Carol about her relationship changing with her son as he became an adult---I can relate to this as I have had 4 children become adults in the last few years...Carol you have a free night too:)