Sunday, May 29, 2011

Watering the garden

I am a water girl. 
I love watering plants by hand...never mind that I have a
sprinkler system that needs repairing!
I love the new colored hoses that match my brick.
I love fancy wrought iron hose hangers.
I love that I can simply turn a knob and clear, clean water flows out at my bidding.
Grandmother Nellie ONLY used rain water for her plants!
She had a water barrel under the eaves of my Papa Albert's shed. 
I have often wondered why we don't do the same...probably because it is more work!
 I love the way plants look when newly watered with small beads of
life giving water clinging to the leaves.
I love the vibrant color of my flowers after the dust is washed away.
 Watering plants is relaxing. I used to sneak out of the house after
dinner & homework when the kids were young for some quiet time with my hose:) 
I actually stand at my big bushes and count to 100 while
flooding the plant with water at the base. 
 I love having so many watering options with my fancy hose head:) I can gently sprinkle, give a fast flood, water on a center line, sweetly shower my tomatoes, or send a strong stream through the air!
 I didn't pay much attention to the lack of rain at the beginning of the summer and 
my crepe myrtle tree is is too late for these blooms!
I have learned so many life lessons from the simple task of watering my plants.
 One day I was yanking furiously on the hose getting
more agitated with every unsuccessful yank!
I finally walked back to see what the problem was and found that
there was a double twist around a bush.
 It did not escape my notice that life is the same...
sometimes I have a kink in my life that is preventing
life giving water from reaching my soul.
I find that ordinary jobs help me to remember the most important things!
There is One, who is the fountain of all living waters. 
I just need to keep the kinks out so I can be His water girl:)

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