Friday, June 17, 2011

For 27 years & 27 days, my baby leaves for college

Today I stood outside and watched my baby drive away into the sun. 
Even though she has been gone to college for a year, this time she left is different. 
This time no one else is living at home.

 My sweet son and his very sweet wife recently moved away after living with us for a year. 

Off on their next adventure----parenthood:) and dental school

And so, right now today... I am childless in my home for the first time in
 27 years and 27 days. 
I am not sure how I feel. 

I have wondered what this would feel like, mostly when I was exhausted and waiting up till curfew, or doing laundry at midnight because someone forgot they had a game tomorrow. I have wished that science projects were banned, and that our team would lose the volleyball tournament so I could go home! I have wearied at the constant need for grocery shopping, and the ever present threat of someone calling out, "MOOOOOOOOMMM" when someone wasn't being nice to someone else. I have tolerated 30 seconds of rap(very mild!) music at a time on the radio, school shopping, sleepovers, and last minute homework at 11pm. 

In theory I should more rolling eyes, or stinky tennis shoes. No more negotiating curfews or text message limits. No more piles of stuff on the stairs, empty milk containers in the fridge, or wet swimsuits on the wood floor. 

 So many things I will miss. Late night chick flicks with the girls and phone calls saying "Mom when are you coming home." I will miss yummy smells from the kitchen that I didn't cook, hugs, surprise notes on my pillow, and a million other perks that come with parenthood.

People love to say "It's a good thing you are so busy." I have thought about that statement and decided that busy means I am not sitting around mourning my empty nest.
I am a busy girl with
Nellie's Cottage,
a school foundation,
a business network,
school board,
and a church young women group.
However...being busy does not replace being with my children.
That is what I will miss most of all, for you see I have been a stay at home mom for
 27 years and 27 days 
with constant companions who grew up to become my friends. 

Today I am so thankful for the 9,882 days of cuddling, hugging, feeding, reading, playing,  teaching, helping, nursing, counseling, grounding, cooking, cleaning, talking, supporting, applauding, planning, and all of the other hundred "ing" words that became a part of my life. It was a good run my darlings. Thank you for filling my nest for a time.
It will always be here if you need to rest your wings for a while:)

an empty nest just outside my kitchen window

I take these words from my favorite children's book of all time:
"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always,
 as long as I'm living my babies you'll be"
                                                                        Love, Mom


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