Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hair bows and 1980's obnoxious earrings

 I found a purpose for my really really big, bulky, and over the top 80's earrings!

I can't believe I actually wore these earrings!

Now you must realize that these earrings have survived many years, many moves, 
and even many craft purges...okay so obviously I don't purge crafts well!
I still have these in my stash and about 50 more...
these are just the broken ones.
And NO, I do not still wear my obnoxious 80's earrings:)

Brittany and I have been wanting to make bows for the baby ever since she arrived on earth.
Oh, she has had bows to be sure, 
just not the ultra custom, unique bows only this Grammie can provide!
Some of my ribbon is actually from bows that my girls had--gold star to me for recycling:)

Yesterday was THE bow making day and this is how we came to make 21 bows at once.

1. Make Annabelle happy by letting her destroy 
Grammie's very organized ribbon baskets!

2. Get out EVERY basket so the mommy can look at 
EVERY possible ribbon choice.

3. Put everything you may want to use on a trays to take a picture 
 using our very impressive crafting skills to turn this mess into a beautiful wardrobe of hairbows!

4. Lay out the ribbons so Grammie knows what to put together.

5. Make some bows with Grammie's vintage 80's earrings...
(I can't believe my stuff is now in the vintage category!)

5. Make some bows with Grammie's scrapbooking flowers.

6. Make some with old buttons.

7. And make some with silk flowers from Grammie's sewing stash.

8. And make one with nothing in the middle
 because Brittany liked it that way!

9. Be sure and put fray check on the edges for all the times 
Annabelle will rip these bows out of her hair!

10. Document your valiant and creative efforts
 so future generations will be impressed with the family talents!

11. Have the grandbaby grow some hair!
we have no control over this step...her mother was bald for a very long time:)
Annabelle 2011

Brittany 1990
And that is how one makes 21 bows at time
while recycling those obnoxious 1980's earrings!


  1. LOVE the blog post, and absolutely LOVE your talent! The bows look amazing, and as one lady told me "The Bigger the Bow, the Closer to Heaven". Love ya:)


  2. i love the grannie earrings!!! its so hard to find though i often go to second hand shops to get them. The bows look so amazing they really do look professionally made :) who knows mabe you can start a lil bow business one day. I'll probably fly over from my country New Zealand all the way to America to get me some of those earrings lol