Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Classes Day 3 & hopefully a better me:)

At this point I am very glad that I only attended part of this week. 
I figure that the improvements I need to make will take me until I am 112! 
I can remember when I was 14 and had looked ahead to the year 2000. 
I would be 30.
I naively thought that all of my character flaws and personality quirks would be sorted out by that point. 
I repeat...I was so very naive!

Day 3 of Classes at BYU-my notes

Creating Harmony at Work & Home

Today 90% of men and 70% of women are in the workforce.
Work has become more pervasive in our lives as we have moved to a global market place.
ANYTHING outside the home will affect the home.

More than half of all families report and work/family conflict.
This creates a "Spillover" effect of Emotions, Energy & Time.

*Emotions: The professor interviewed children who talked about knowing how they would be treated when their parents came home from work just by the way the door knob was turned. One boy would run and hide in the bathroom for about an hour waiting for his Mom to decompress. What emotions do we bring home?

*Energy: The positive or negative energy from a day at the work place often dictates the type of positive or negative energy that flows through a home in the evening. I personally remember a close friend's mom who just laid on the couch everyday after work till bedtime because she had no energy left for her family.

*Time: People who have some flexibility in their jobs have the least work/family conflict. Of course not many of us have such a luxury but companies are starting to realize that happy homes produce more productive employees. 

Fun Fact: IBM found that their best managers were mothers of teenage children! Who better to handle conflict:) Almost nothing scares me anymore...I survived 4 teenagers:)

Priorities and Time
do not equal each other!

If your priorities are out of order you loose the 
very power you seek. 
1. Our first priority of God. Your own spiritual well being is a catalyst for a happy life. Consistency is key (prayer, reading scriptures, etc.)
2. Our second priority if our companion (spouse)
We need to spend enough time with them and TREAT them as our second priority. Tell them how much you love them everyday. Date each other...if you can afford the gas-go as far away from the children as possible:) 
3. Our third priority is our children. We need to urge and advise with tenderness. Have monthly chats with each child, set goals for each of you... example:daughter will stop whining, daddy will read a story everyday. Go on individual "dates" with your children.
 It will change everything if you really get to know your children!
4. Church service is next but don't neglect your family in the process of serving.
5. Jobs are a priority-it is hard to be spiritual when you are out of work. Adam was commanded to work! The kids used to get so mad when I would give their friends chores at our house...hey I just treated everyone like my kids:)
6 Civic responsibility is a priority-be involved, make a positive difference. My children tease me about running for mayor someday in our little hometown. Luckily I live outside the city limits:)

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