Friday, August 26, 2011

Day much to do!

One of the challenges of attending inspirational and motivational classes is NOT getting overwhelmed with all the things you want to change in your life! I did remarkably well considering I have a list as long as I am tall just from the first day:)
 Here is Day 2 at BYU education week and these are my notes.
Day 2
Using Our Unique Spiritual Gifts

*We are children of God and as such do we have private spiritual experiences?
*Do we identify those experiences as a manifestation of his love for us?
*Answers from prayers are NOT just when things happen, they also come as feelings, inspiration, peace, or warnings.
*Do we trust Him?

*We are spiritually mature when we are more interested in his answers than ours. Scale of 1-10 how spiritually mature and I according to this definition?      Not telling:)

In the Old Testament Numbers 21 we learn about the whiny children of Israel. They were ungrateful for the manna and so the Lord sent fiery serpents among them. When they saw that they were dying from serpent bites they went Moses and requested that he ask the Lord to take them away. The Lord had Moses put a serpent on a pole and if they would look at the serpent after being bitten they would live. The people kept dying because they would NOT look!

Not willing to look at what the Lord does to help us because it is too simple or doesn't seem to make sense?
Trust in Him.

The Anatomy of High Trust Relationships:
Candid Communication

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved"
                                             David O. McKay
We all know people that we love but don't trust!

Life without trust is like a car without oil. We actually burned up a car engine because we had an oil leak and tried to drive it to the repair seized...not good!

To Build Trust there must be 1 to 1 interaction that is:
*Low Risk
The professor gave this example... "I play Candy Land with my little girl today so I can talk about boyfriends in years to come."

How to have high trust?
"The Core 4"
1. Compassion-having the best interest of the person in mind
2. Open-feeling safe to share information
3. Reliable-being predictable in our actions, someone to be counted on.
4. Expert- We wouldn't want a plumber stitching us up! I didn't really want my hubby/doc doing my tiling either! I said to him "Wouldn't it be easier to just work more shifts and pay someone to do this?" Translation-I don't trust you to tile my floor!

Candid Communication
We tend to think that when we have good intentions we can't be part of the problem. guilty:)

It is better to be like the apostles. When Jesus told them at the 
last supper that one of them would betray him they said
 "Lord is it I?" 
This should take quite a few years for most of us to master:)

We need to admit mistakes. This probably works better is we admit our own!

 An interesting study found that higher performing(successful) families reported more mistakes. 
The key word is REPORTED. Admitted, came clean, ate humble pie...get it?

The reward for eating such pie...Openness, honesty and TRUST!

My self improvement list just got a great deal longer...sigh.

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