Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scrapbooked Shoes:)

I can't bear to throw things away if there is a chance I might be able to fix them! I get that from my Dad. We had the typical garage with bicycle parts, old paint cans and everything in between all neatly organized on shelves. We did not throw much of anything away! I worry about our disposable mentality in this country. My grandparents Nellie & Albert would be horrified! Anyway off my soap  broken shoes presented a nice challenge to put my creative brain to work!

How to Scrapbook Your Shoes! 

I lost one of the leather medallions somewhere in town one day running errands.  No problem! I found my heavy gold metallic card stock and punched  three 2"  circles and one 1" circle.

I rolled the circles in a ball to distress them. Vintage 1980's earrings just hanging around in my drawer were perfect for the center of my shoe embellishment:)

Clear acrylic spray was used on both sides of the paper circles. I probably won't test this in the rain!

I hot glued the first circle completely down and then the rest of the circles I only glued in the center.
The earrings came next-hot glue of course...
And there you have it, Snazzy Gold Metallic Scrapbooked Shoes!

p.s. I wonder if there are help groups for this "scrapbook everything in sight" disease?

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