Monday, September 26, 2011 love:)

It seems that the last few years I have made a trek (by plane!) to Utah in the fall, October to be exact. It is by such happy coincidences that family traditions are born. I expect this will be a temporary tradition for as long as we have children at university. Nonetheless, I love the fall leaves, cool temps, and the beautiful faces of my children seen through the lens of my camera.

This was a 2008 trip when we had a very sappy just married 2 months couple, and a very playful soon to be married in 2 months couple. What a combo! The very air was filled with looks of new love and total adoration. Ahhhhh, the very idea of such idealistic love feels one with a longing to be young again:)
I totally staged this photo shoot. Trying to get the lovebirds to kiss at the same time was like herding cats! The couple on the left are just married....and the couple on the right are engaged:)

We did a bit better on the individual photos...

After the kids had had enough of my photo shoot I went in search of scenic places around the college campus to satisfy my desire to document this fabulous fall display of color!

And so I end with the duck pond...they were happily oblivious to my camera and uttered no protest
............"Mooomm enough already!"

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