Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love that Mississippi Mud Cake!

We live only 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, a body of water full of Mississippi mud. Our water is brown and not very attractive but the cake that is named after Mississippi mud IS VERY desirable! My Michael has had this particular cake since 1982 when my mom made it for his 23rd birthday. I personally think she was a trying to capture a son-in-law!

This was the day before he drove 1500 miles/24 hours straight in my dad's car to propose to me at that is another story:) I think it was the Mississippi mud cake talking!

 It's funny how things are more special if they are not over used. I don't think that we would have quite the same level of anticipation if I made this cake often. Good lesson for the rest of life!

The most beat up recipe books indicate that what lies on each page has weathered the test of taste buds over and over again!
This is one of those recipes:)

And this is how it is done:

The batter is very thick, like brownie batter. I add another 1/2 cup of nuts and "guesstimate" my vanilla, erring on the very generous side:) I have used both pecans and walnuts-like them both. 
I only bake cake for 20 minutes.

Put the marshmallow cream on the hot cake by the spoonful and allow it to melt a bit before spreading.
The marshmallow will be slightly golden after the 5 minutes. 
Advanced method: You can broil the marshmallow for a roasted effect. Do not leave the oven if you attempt this! I ruined a cake one year and had to redeem myself and make a second one!

Yes...let this sit for 30 minutes!

Very creamy, high calorie, high fat, 
Weight Watchers NOT APPROVED chocolate icing!

Layers of heaven!

One very consistent and happy man, 
or as someone posted on Facebook 
Happy Birthday Mr. Nellie's Cottage!

...till we meet again next year in the Mississippi Mud!

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