Sunday, October 2, 2011 time again

I have been stalking from the movie room to the kitchen many times a day muttering darkly as I move bits of paper from one pile to another. It seems that every surface in my home is covered with stacks of documents labeled with post-it notes!

When my mom called me this week I didn't say hello but greeted her with
 " I didn't get my dad's accounting gene."

I have declared to anyone who would listen how stressed out I am and that I would rather dig a ditch than do paper work. I have been buried under my Nellie's Cottage tax return. Yes, I should have done this months ago. I have decided that it is not worth getting an extension on taxes! It hangs over your head like a black cloud there in the distance throwing a shadow on every sunny moment. I have no one to blame but myself! I have cried to my accountant, moaned to Michael and my children and generally behaved like a whiney child.

I decided to document this odious task in the hopes that I will learn my lesson and overhaul my book keeping system or rather put a real system in place!

 I have watched the presidential debates vowing to vote for anyone who promised a flat tax! I told Michael this terrible task required real chocolate, not not any old chocolate but something with toffee bits, if I was to survive my ordeal. He sweetly acquiesced to my request:)

4 different kinds of chocolate and black currant drink from England:)
Now I can finish the taxes!
Lesson learned???
My accountant, who is a childhood friend, said with sympathy " Kimmie, you know you'll do this next year too" I declare...NO I will not be buried this way again! 
Well maybe.......

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