Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Indian Summer Wreath

I am never quite ready for fall leaves and pumpkins in the early fall. I consider October early fall:) 
So I made myself an "Indian Summer" wreath packed with a riot of warm colors and textures.
This wreath was a breeze to make!
I love BIG grapevine wreaths---as big as my door will allow.
I chose sunflowers in fall colors and other silk plants and flowers all in the colors of autumn. Well, I also threw in some dusty pink flowers just because they were in the attic:)

The trick to this wreath is: 
Just stick the flowers in with no design plan! 
I wanted the random tumbled look of a field of wild flowers.
Simply stuff the flower stems in-between the vines and secure with hot glue... 
(preferably without burning a finger!)
Twist some wire on the back.
Hang on your door for a festive fall welcome to your guests! 

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