Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Puppy Party:)

 My darling grandbaby is one!

Annabelle LOVES puppies so her mommy put on the best puppy party ever!
Her daddy was a bit surprised at all of the party preparations:) 
We are do it yourself party planners. This party cost just over $100!

Everyone knows that cake is THE most important part of any birthday party.
Brittany used yellow cake mix and added icing and then 
raspberry jam between the layers. 
The icing is homemade buttercream with crushed raspberries.
She baked the cake in 2 regular cake pans and 4 small loaf pans for the legs. 
Travis carved out the shape. We decided it looked more like a gator or pink piggy 
but with a few details declared that it was a cute puppy.

Nutterbutter cookies dipped in chocolate became the ears and tail.
The eyes are made of Oreos.

Daddy brought home balloons on his moped:)

Grandad built a dog house! 

Party Time!

Actual dog bowls from the dollar store were perfect for 
the homemade chili & cornbread.

We were allowed to use spoons!

Grammie let Annabelle destroy the cornbread:)

The doghouse became a cute photo prop!

Uncle Keith has taught her important things like "vroom, vroom" ,
how to shake her head no, and how to ring a bell.
He bought her a "Mater" truck in honor of her front teeth:)

Aunt Danielle has been the best babysitter!

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for...what will the baby do with the cake?

Brittany took the left over cake pieces from the puppy carving,
 iced the top and added the puppy detail.

She kept putting her foot in the cake:)

She spent most of her "cake time" munching a Nutterbutter.

This photo captures her personality perfectly!

What a joyful day with family & friends! 
I believe it takes a village to raise a child
 and that there can never be too 
many people to love and care for a child. 
Annabelle's future is bright because she is so loved!

And there you have it...a happy one year old 

and a perfect puppy party!

p.s. Grammie cannot wait to create a scrapbook album! 
I can see cute puppies & polkadot pages:)

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  1. I love how people can get so creative with the cakes. I love dogs, total dog lover, but not enough to eat like them . I have to admit it is kind of cute tough.