Monday, November 28, 2011

Button monogram, S is for Savannah

My sweet daughter in law and "mother to be" Janene 
has been browsing Pinterest...who hasn't?!!!! 
She found a beautiful button monogram idea that was $100 to order-yikes!

I quickly informed her that no self respecting crafter would consider paying so much for something that could be created at home:) So we happily went shopping for supplies and embarked on our new project. S is for Savannah!
Apparently I was almost a Janna Anna Mahana...thankfully my mother intervened and convinced my dad that that was not a good idea and so I became Kimberly. I am always quick to tell men that they do not have an equal say in naming their children:) Anyway...Annabelle and Savannah are lovely southern names for my granddaughters of which I heartily approve:)

Here is our project:
Begin with a canvas. We purchased two 11x14 in a pack for  5.99 at Hobby Lobby.
We covered the canvas in white burlap, using hot glue. This is easier with 2 sets of hands.

I cut a S from the Songbird cricut cartridge. I cut 3 before we had the perfect size.
It is a good idea to cut an image out on cheap paper first!
We tried 2 different positions for the S on the canvas.

We bought this multi colored trim in the fabric section at Hobby Lobby .
These Prima flowers were perfect!

Trace your letter onto the canvas, preferable with pencil.

Lay the buttons all out BEFORE you glue them down!
Some of these buttons have been around in my button box for 30 years!

After the button S was complete, we added the trim and flowers.
Lay out your design BEFORE you glue! 

This can be hung on the wall or put on a small easel.

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