Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Canning" Chocolate!

Some people can jam. 
Some people can vegetables.
Some people can fruit. 
Some people even can chicken.
I just "canned" chocolate:) 

I have always been into being self sufficient with food storage and all that jazz but I am taking it to the next level:) I piggybacked onto a big chocolate order that my sister and her friends put together. Buying in bulk is no mystery, it just takes someone to do the research, and gather people to join the order.

Large amounts of chocolate is beautiful!

Semi-sweet chocolate
White chocolate chips
Cocoa powder

I came from a family of bakers and married into a family that loves chocolate...a match made in chocolate heaven:) 

Chocolate can be frozen for a year. Be sure and label your bags. 
For now I will be dreaming about all the things I can do with my chocolate:) 

p.s. Just so you know guests at Nellie's Cottage always get a yummy chocolate dessert 

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  1. Wow! Now THAT is a lot of chocolate! I won't mind baking yummy treats for ya;)