Friday, November 11, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance

I attended a Veterans Day program today at one of our local schools. I sat there watching the veterans that were being honored and kept wondering what they were thinking. 

Each name was called. 
Each branch of the military was represented. 
Each one must have some amazing stories to tell. 

As the band played the song for each different branch of the military the men would stand. They stood tall and proud to have served our country. Some of them stood at attention, some seemed as though they were remembering the nightmare of war. I wonder what they see at night in their dreams. 

A colonel spoke to the crowd about the three beginning words to the pledge, I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE.
He was passionate in a plea for us to take responsibility in the I. We aren't pledging as a group or as a nation but as an individual! 

The word PLEDGE means to give your word, to covenant. We live in the most blessed nation on the we stand by our pledge to be good citizens and make a difference? 

The next word ALLEGIANCE means loyalty and honor. 
In 1988 I stood and watched my British husband raise his hand and swear allegiance to this country. We do not allow dual citizenship in this country. He had to literally renounce his homeland to become a citizen of the United States. 

I have in men my family tree who fought in every war. Some who died. I owe them my gratitude and respect. I am free because they truly meant it when they said.....

Enjoy the Mormon Tablernacle singing "This is My Country" with a beautiful slide show!

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