Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beautifully decorated...until the grandbaby comes:)

I remember looking longingly at perfectly decorated homes in magazines when I was a young mother. I couldn't imagine being able to decorate my home and have anything stay where I placed it! Now I have that luxury...until the grandbaby shows up and then I am back to "Decorating 101" again!
I love the beauty of the Christmas season decor, but will happily take it all down when Annabelle arrives next week!

I wanted to share my pre-grandbaby Christmas decorating, so here is 
Christmas at the Crossleys!

The Tree:

Our girls play the violin so I use them in my Christmas decorating.

Display your Christmas stories, take time to relax and be inspired during this season!

Pictures of "Christmas past" on display...instant conversation starters!

My golden nut tree!

Once a year my dining table is set and I wonder why I don't do this more often!

My white porcelain nativity is many years old, a favorite,
and definitely being put away before the baby gets here!

I am a fan of mini trees. A few years ago I went on a mission to simplify my decorating so I literally hot glued the ornaments into the trees. They stay completely decorated year to year. I simply walk them to the attic until next year!

My daughter's tree matches her bedroom:)
Another idea for cutting down on decorating time is to simply add holiday bling to your regular home decor...like adding glittery poinsettias to existing arrangements, and ornaments to an urn with decorative balls.

The porch:

My "trees" are tomato cages spray painted white and wrapped in white lights. The are left over from my daughter's Christmas time wedding in 2008. We wrapped them in tulle and lights for a winter wonderland effect at the reception.
It is so easy to pull them out of the attic and set them up on the porch. 
Classic pre-lit garland placed around the columns.... and I am done!

I love decorating, I love having my house stay decorated, however, I love my grandbaby more!
And so Christmas will remain for years to come "beautifully decorated.....until the grandbabies come:)


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Everything looks beautiful and we can't wait to enjoy Christmas:) But yes... unfortunately behind Annabelle's adorable face lies a little terror ready to destroy your home!

  2. Kimberly, I love your blog and your cottage. so cute and homey. Can't wait to visit!!