Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caroling optional:)

I still remember this night from 1972 when we went Christmas caroling! My brother Todd was smiling in the picture but spent most of the night grumpily trying to get Mom to let him take off that bow:) He still hates caroling!

Kimberly almost 9, Todd- 6,  Mitzi- 3, Mark- 20months

Caroling is a wonderful tradition we tried to keep in our family. Some years were more successful than others...depending on how many disgruntled singers we had in tow:) Just for the record I never even tried the crepe paper bow idea with my children!
I think caroling is a wonderful personal expression of holiday cheer, of course I love to sing which I will admit is a plus. I love the way I feel when I sing Joy to the World. I love spreading Christmas cheer, and I love the surprised smiles by the recipients, which in retrospect may come from the goodies presented rather than the songs we sing!  So put on your crepe bows and spread some Christmas cheer!

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