Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Christmas Dress

I just recently finished my first handmade garment in many years. My mother taught me to sew when I was twelve. I made most of my own clothes all the way through school. Aunt Betty would always give me a stack of fabric every time I cleaned her house so I had quite a stash of fabric. I made beautiful dresses for my girls but it eventually became easier to buy them clothes....any mother of teenagers knows this!

Now with grandchildren joining the family my suppresses sewing desire is re-surfacing! 
I found this adorable pattern called Lollipop Lola at the quilt show. (link to that blog below)

I love the endless possibilities of fabric combinations possible with this pattern.
I have had this particular bow motif fabric for years. I bought several yards so I will be able to make matching dresses for future granddaughters, like Savannah who is due at New years!

I love starting with a stack of supplies and ending with a boutique style dress.
Creating is starting with beautiful materials and putting them
together in a unique way to make something fabulous!
I mostly love the way Annabelle looks in my creation:)

I think that is a bit of a mischievous look on Annabelle's face:)

I enjoyed making this dress so much I actually broke down and bought a new sewing machine after 25 years. I got the Brother 420 Project Runway machine. It had great reviews online and was reasonably priced. Amazon was the best price as usual. I plan to fire it up after the holidays and hopefully go on a sewing spree! I can see the dresses lined up for all the holidays...beautiful blues with snowflakes for a "winter" dress. I see reds, pinks and hearts for Valentine's Day, and so on.....

I love giant rick-rack. It was cute alone but I added
shiny green ribbon to make it a bit more dressy

The pattern doesn't add a bow but I think all little girl's dresses need a bow!

My children at a local festival of trees. Festive!

 This pattern the Lollipop Lola can be found at

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  1. Annabell sure is growing fast! She is a precious girl. Just in case you are wondering who this is, I was at a scrapbook retreat Midcounty Scrappers)at the cottage when your daughter was pregnant for Annabell. She cooked for us and the food was delicious.
    Hazel Hall