Saturday, December 24, 2011

One night, One gift, One reason

This is a quiet Christmas at our home this year. Our youngest daughter is our only child home at the moment, the others will be here next week. It has given me much time to reflect upon the season.

We have a long standing tradition in our family of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. Some years these are gifts from mom & dad and sometimes they are our family gift exchange gifts. This year with only one child opening a gift this night, I am struck by the symbolism of the one.

As we read the Christmas story again I was reminded of the following truths. 
There was only one baby born in a manger that would change the world.
There was only one who lived a perfect, sinless life.
There was only one who gave his life that we might live again.
There is only one who paid the price that we might have eternal life if we follow him.

I didn't realize the significance of the gift I chose for Danielle to open tonight.
 It was simply on the top of the pile in my closet and easy to wrap.

She is leaving for Jerusalem in a few days for a semester abroad. 
She will be going to the BYU Jerusalem center for near Eastern studies.

We ordered some comfortable hiking shoes for all the field trips she will take as part of her study in the Holy Land. 
These shoes will take her to places where Jesus performed miracles. 
These shoes will help understand her Savior better. 
These shoes will be a part of a life changing experience.

It makes me think of the shoes I wear.
Where do they take me?
I think of the one gift I can give this Christmas...
to more closely follow the Holy One of Israel.

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  1. Your post brought chill bumps to me! What a wonderful story about one gift that is going to be so special for this year to come! How wonderful that your daughter is going there to study about Jesus! I will keep her in my prayers this year! I wish I wish I had the courage to make my own trip there...