Saturday, December 31, 2011

Photos, out of the box & onto the wall!

My sister just found a box of long forgotten pictures tucked away in her attic. We had the best time laughing at her 1980's outrageous outfits and giant hair. Our children were laughing so hard! They kept asking why they had never seen these photos.
Make one of your new years project goals to...
get those pictures out of the boxes and onto the walls!

One of my favorite things at Nellie's Cottage is my vintage photo table. I began with a $35 garage sale table circa 1970s. I gathered Aunt Helen's old photos, scanned, printed, and adhered them to the table with regular scrapbook adhesive. My sweet daughter in law & son arranged them beginning in the middle. I had a glass cut for the top and glued old lace around the edges. 

I took the original windows out of the cottage and used them to create a wall display
 for Nellie's Nook, our downstairs apartment.
 I have a blog post with "how to" details  in February 2011 called "The Window Project"

Create a layout to put in a frame with vintage lace & a chipboard embellishment.
You can pick up 12x12 frames at the big craft stores.

These photo displays for vintage photos have caught my eye while cruising the web and pinterest...which by the way, is much more fun that cruising Main street ever was:)

I hope these ideas spark some of your own ideas about
getting your photos out of the box and onto the wall!

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