Friday, December 2, 2011

The Sweet Spirit of Christmas

I believe in up-cycing:) I love the thrill of taking something old and making it new again.
I also love the challenge of being thrifty when it comes to decorating:)
This is mantra used in creating ornaments for my Nellie's Cottage Christmas tree. 
Yarn, as it turns out, can be add excitement to plain white Christmas ornaments we used at my daughters wedding! I simply added some funky red yard in a messy bow at the top. 

The tree was wrapped in antique lace from the enormous stash I inherited from my Aunt Betty and handmade ornaments were purchased from a local artist/crafter. I added a handmade quilt my Aunt Helen made my grandmother Nellie. 
Viola! Thrifty and creative and meaningful...nailed it:)

Angels were the perfect decorating theme because they remind me of my angel grandmother Nellie!

Nellie Geldard 1905-1990

Nellie lived the sweet spirit of Christmas every day. She was sweet and kind to everyone. She spent her life serving her family. She always sent her guests home with something, canned jam, homemade cake, vegetables from the garden, or a plant she had rooted. 
She was an angel to me. I wish I could tell her about her cottage and the wonderful women that visit and create in her home. I wish I could tell her how much she meant to me. I hope that when I am gone my grandchildren will feel the same about me...that I tried to live the sweet spirit of Christmas every single day.

                               Merry Christmas MaMa, I love you

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