Sunday, January 22, 2012

Decorating my planner:)

Like most people in the world, I buy a new planner/calendar each new year.
This becomes the center of organization for my life!
Since my calendar becomes a permanent part of my kitchen counter I thought it would be fun to decorate!
I layered paper, rub-ons, stamped images, and a prima pearl embellishment.
I did put on a really thin layer of matte Mod Podge for longevity.

Each item of embellishment was chosen with purpose and meaning.

Poppies are such happy flowers:) This paper was the perfect backgound.

I chose a bicycle stamped image to remind me to enjoy the journey of life.
A treble cliff image reminds me that good music soothes my soul.

Rub-on words I included:
Unique- to remember I am a "one of a kind" child of God.
Cherish- to remember how blessed I am to have a family.
Joy-to remind me to be happy!
Love- a reminder to serve those around me.

I added a punched tree because trees are an anchor to the landscape, and a comfort to me.
 I hope to be an anchor and comfort to those I know.

The pearl flourish adds class and beauty reminding me to seek for true beauty.

I find that surrounding myself with meaningful creativity makes life a little more sweet...
even decorating a lowly black planner!

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