Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Banana Pudding Day!

Sunday I got a text from my brother Mark.
"Ya'll having banana pudding at your place today?"
I responded "Made it yesterday for my retreat! Put it in canning jars:)"
He replied "Lovely! Enjoy."
To anyone but my siblings this is a silly exchange over pudding, but to us it is a day we remember our dad. It was my dad's birthday. He has been gone for 23 years now and every year we celebrate him with snickerdoodles or banana pudding. Now this isn't just any banana pudding, it's a homemade, stir on the stove forever banana pudding. My sister called me that afternoon because she couldn't find her recipe. No other recipe will do! The pudding (which is actually a custard) recipe is my grandmother Nellie's.
 My dad loved banana pudding and somehow in a magical way when we make this on his birthday it tastes better than any other time!

I have very few pictures of my dad which makes them priceless!

We had this Pontiac for 13 years and it became Old Bessie:)
I cried when Dad sold this car, it was part of our family!

We lived in a 8'x40' trailer until I was 3...can't even imagine!
Village Creek 1967

At night we would sit on daddy's lap and he would read books before bedtime.

One of my dad's birthdays.
Notice in the next picture he still has the same shirt years later!

Dad's graduation day April 1971

This last picture is the day my dad got his accounting degree. He went to school for 5 years while working full time at a chemical plant, being a dad to 4 children, and serving in church. He is the only one in his family of 10 children to get a degree!  He was known for honesty, tenacity, and being absolutely faithful to his beliefs. I am glad he was my dad.

Happy banana pudding day siblings:)

p.s. Banana pudding recipe:)

p.p.s The snickerdoodle recipe post!

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  1. Love that sweet post. That is exactly the way we make banana pudding, too. Love it.