Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cabinet re-do...stenciling in blues

It all started with a stencil, a scrapbooking stencil that I have been dying to use in a big way! 

I am so in love with my blue door that I have been looking around my house for more things to paint blue:) I have this fabulous cabinet with iron legs that my sister in law built! 
It was begging to be blue:) 
I used the same blue as my door adding aqua as my stencil color. 
I distressed the whole cabinet with black.

I painted one coat of the base blue

The stenciling took is the drying time
of one section before you can over lap the stencil for the next section. 

I started out doing 2 light coats, realized how long that would take
and then just did one fairly generous coat of paint.
You can see the difference between the stenciling
with, and without, the black distressing.

I chose a portion of the stencil to center on the drawers.

I found these great knobs at Hobby Lobby.
I chose to leave the shelves unpainted to break up the blue.
I love my cabinet just as much as my blue door
.....what else can I paint blue?:)

P.S. The stencil is called "Swirly Vines" from a company called Crafters Workshop.


  1. That looks amazing!! Seriously love the color, so fun!

  2. Beautiful! Just don't go overboard with the blue (you know...floors, walls, and fireplaces...) ;-)