Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful...who decides?

It all started with an auction many years ago. My husband and I were auction rookies without much money. We really didn't see anything that we couldn't live without UNTIL... Michael came back from a break and said "You have got to see this painting" He took me to a part of building where not much was on display. In a lonely spot there it was...

....a painting of flowers that reminded me of my grandmother Nellie's gardens.
It brought tears to my eyes and I knew this was meant to be mine. We had it brought up for bids and waited anxiously hoping that no-one else would bid against our meager student budget. A few minutes later it was ours! When I look at this painting I feel peace, and beauty and Nellie's spirit comforting and encouraging me.

Yesterday Mom and I met at our favorite local wholesale florist. It is an oasis of floral eye candy with isle after isle of flowers of every color, plants, baskets, ribbon, and all things floral.
Mom moved along confident in her ability, choosing from hundreds of flowers to create the perfect arrangement. I just say yes:) I have a decorating flair but missed the "fabulous floral creation" gene. I can walk swiftly down an isle and choose what jumps out at me, but she knows how to put the flowers together in a magical way that brings joy to my aesthetic senses:) 

One could rate each flower on beauty and each of us would have our favorite, but who decides which is the most beautiful? They are each uniquely gorgeous.....just like us. Who can say that an amaryllis is better than a gladiola, or that the bird of paradise makes a rose look pale. I have all of these flowers in my new arrangements! I wanted to mimic the idea of the painting with a tumble of different flowers...and that is just what mom created:)

We struggle so much as women with comparison. Some of us are roses, some gladiolas, and some tulips. Why do we debate who is the most beautiful, the smartest, the best mom, the most fit...and on and on and on. 
I think it is time to embrace the unique beauty we all possess. 
We are most beautiful when we stand with each other, just like my flowers, creating an amazing blending of gifts and talents to influence and change the world!
All day today I kept going back in my living room to behold the flowers again and again. They brought me joy every time! Imagine the joy we can bring to those around us if we decide to be beautiful, if we decide to stop comparing and competing, if we can freely give and accept compliments.

For many years I would not allow any pictures of myself to be taken. I got a digital camera in 2007... I was 43. I was playing around taking pictures of myself like I had seen the kids do and this is the first picture in years that I was able to aren't bad! 

It was a life changing moment for me.
I am beautiful, a perfect blend of Martha & Danny and all of my ancestors before me.

My parents 1964
We NEED to feel beautiful for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, friends and all the women we love! 
My girls! Danielle & Brittany 2011
Today I am a gladiola, tomorrow maybe a rose, and on Sunday I will choose to be a bird of paradise:) Stand with me and declare your beauty...after all who decides? We Do.

p.s. Dove has done a great job on their "Real Beauty" campaign.
I thought this video was wonderful!

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  1. I love hearing your thoughts on this. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately. I sometimes feel that others judge me for not being "good at" the things that they are, when in fact we just have different talents. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!