Thursday, February 8, 2018

How do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee?
What a thought provoking phrase from a famous poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
In our often frantic daily life do we ever answer this question for those we love? I determined to do just that for Michael on Valentines Day in 2012. Simple and thoughtful gifts from the heart can manifest tender feelings just as well or even better than any expensive gift!

I created this framed scrapbook art as the beginning of my simple Valentine plan this year (this was more for my Valentine display than something hubby would like...haha)

Bazzill pink cardstock, red numbers overlay, layered frames- Storybook cartridge,
fancy corners- Cindy Loo cartridge,
off kilter words to mimic handwriting- printed and cut out by hand,
stamped & embossed hearts

Valentine plan for the hubby...
1. Place this framed art on his dressing table.
2. Write answers to this question on heart shaped post it notes.
3. Put the notes all over the mirror in the shape of a big heart.

4. Wear my favorite ruby red red lipstick.

5. Place chocolate covered strawberries and truffles by the frame. (I bought them from kids going to church camp!)
6. Meet for dinner at a local family owned Italian restaurant for our favorite tortellini al forno.
7. Buy a DVD of Nottinghill...a favorite romantic movie 
    (he actually wanted to watch this the other night!)
8. Wear a red dress.. because that is what I wore on our first date!
9. Really believe he loves me with all his heart.
10. Love him with all of my heart everyday....forever and ever

Happy Valentines to all.....
Let your special someone know HOW you love them!

A young lady has a lovely rendition of this poem on youtube...enjoy!

Enjoy this Valentine post about "Just us" 
Valentine's Day is for anyone!

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  1. very very lovely post :)Love the framed art!