Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nellie's Vanilla Custard

This is an old family recipe...Nellie's recipe. 
We do not make banana pudding any other way in this family!
It is really a custard, do not confuse this with instant pudding...
there is no comparison:)

Nellie's Vanilla Custard

Sugar 1 cup
Flour 1/3 cup
Eggs 2
Milk 2 cups (use whole milk for an extra rich custard)
Butter 3 Tablespoons (real butter-not margarine!)
Vanilla 1 teaspoon (I double!)

Mix all ingredients very well. Stir over medium heat until thickened.
Cool completely before combining with bananas and cookies for banana pudding.

*I always triple this recipe to make a 9x13 pan of banana pudding.

Tips from me:)
Don't even think about cooking this in the microwave!
You can crank the heat on the 
stove to 6-7 if you do not leave the custard!
Stir constantly.
You will stir for what seems like forever but then magically the custard will begin to thicken. When you can "make tracks" with the custard it is done.

Fast cooling method: place custard on a cookie sheet and cover with saran wrap to prevent a "skin" from forming.

I just had to try the new cute mini Nilla Wafers (the off brand just doesn't cut it!)

I love the homemade look of banana pudding in canning jars. Perfect for retreats at Nellie's Cottage!
I start with cookies, then banana slices, then pudding, repeat!
This would be easier to put together in the short wide mouth jars.

And there you have it old fashioned vanilla custard which makes the perfect banana pudding!


  1. I wasn't sure how my family and friends would react to this being custard instead of the pudding I always use but everyone loved this recipe! It is much different than pudding and so yummy! Thanks for sharing :-)