Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring wreath creation

I went to my sweet daughter's apartment for a visit and she still had her Christmas wreath on the door.
In her defense...she is in her final semester at college..YEA!...has an active 16 month old Annabelle, and feeds her hubby Travis with yummy amazing meals. So...I offered to make a trip to Michaels for new spring flowers and a wreath. We had a lovely time wandering around Michaels picking out flowers. Brittany is in love with bright green! Annabelle unloaded the flower containers if we forgot to put the buggy out of reach, and she had a stand off with Grammie over throwing an Easter basket out of the cart:)

Home we go, the glue gun comes out and I get to work.
It seems like we always do some sort of craft or project when I visit! 
Brittany chose cabbage roses, tiger lilies, tulips and fun coral berries.

I love this color combination, it is bright and cheerful 
just like their little family:) 

The only thing I am left wondering is...
Did Brittany leave her Christmas wreath 
on the door just for my visit? haha!

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