Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who ate all the Nutella?

My hubby heads straight to the pantry after work everyday to the chocolate shelf!
Yes! We have a chocolate shelf in our pantry:)
I am sure there is a support group for this kind of thing but I don't have time to go to therapy, he is a chocolate addict (I am in denial) AND
this is cheaper and is surely a more pleasant experience!

One day he opened the jar in question and asked "Who ate all the Nutella?"

Now I have been taught to be honest, I pride myself on being honest BUT this was one of those moments that define character...
........and I failed!
 I was like the Grinch...who thought up a lie and thought it up quick!
Luckily for me the children had been visiting the week before and so with a straight face I shrugged my shoulders and said...
"I guess the children did."
He never questioned my answer, maybe because he trusts me
 he knows the truth, and like any good husband doesn't dare mess with his wife's eating habits!

I have been much more careful about the Nutella now...
WE have a jar on the chocolate shelf, and I have a jar somewhere else:)

p.s. I am working on my honesty issues:)

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