Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jerusalem the ancient city

We were so privileged to travel half way around the world to Israel! 
I fell in love with the "old city" of Jerusalem which sits within ancient walls in the greater city of Jerusalem.
Around 30 thousand people live within these walls of the original city. Really the word original is not accurate! Jerusalem has been completely destroyed 18 times and has 27 layers of civilization!

You can see the different layers of the wall as it
was built & repaired through the centuries.
Deep excavation sights are all around the city.

King David's gate

The streets are stone, washed every night, with small shops of every kind in every possible nook and cranny! The city has 4 quarters...Jewish, Muslim, Christian, & Armenian.

This Armenian priest was good natured and happy to take a picture:)

The shops vary from one quarter to the next.

We are under the ground on this street!

I loved the displays of food and spices!

A spice tower!
Pink ever did they do that?

I adored the architecture, the shop keepers, 
and watching my mild mannered Danielle haggle with those shop keepers!

A jewelry maker, he made me some earrings on the spot!

A tailer.
Most shops are passed to family members and
have been there for generations
A Muslim cafe
We ate a delicicous pizza and spinach pillows
 These boys were running in the street playing kick ball
in and around all the tourists!

Jerusalem is 3000 feet above sea level and when one gives directions to Jerusalem it is said you are "Going UP to Jerusalem. When you are leaving the city instructions are given to go DOWN from Jerusalem. This is not only true of the altitude but also a symbolic expression of the spiritual journey made by pilgrims seeking God.

I came home to find everything at home looking too new, too untested and untried. I have a new respect for a people who keep building every time their city is destroyed. Jerusalem the ancient city is an inspiration to me!  

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