Friday, April 13, 2012

Organizing the sewing closet

I just love to organize! I love the instant satisfaction of effort. I have a goal to re-organize every drawer and closet this year! Since the children are gone I have begun to spread 
my wings in the house and claim more space for me:)

I am currently decorating and organizing an upstairs bedroom for sewing and crafting.
I used to be a fabric junkie before I became a scrapbook paper junkie, but I have pared down to a reasonable fabric stash...can't say the same for the paper stash! I prefer to roll my fabric because you can see more of the pattern than when it is folded in a stack.

A wonderful perk to re-organizing creative supplies is that you remember what you have, which inspires new bursts of creativity! 


 and after...

 What's in your craft closet?

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