Friday, May 11, 2012

Once upon a time...

They were mine.

I am always a bit sappy, but Mother's Day brings out my most tender feelings! I pour over pictures with nostalgia for the days when I stayed home with the children and was simply a mommy. Really there is nothing simple about it! It is the most under recognized and respected job in the world at large, and yet the most important.
 Nations fall where families fail. 
This mother's day I am writing to my children individually to thank them for specific lessons they each taught me. You see, mothering is all about learning and changing. I hope that I taught my children half of what they taught me.

I have been working on my mother's day album in the middle of moving my daughter and her little family into my home. Not an easy task with an 18 month old under foot!

On this layout I have hand painted hydrangeas and a stamped butterfly. Sometimes I make loads of embellishments at once filing them away for the perfect layout to come along. This was the perfect layout for these flowers!

The shadowing is from scanning with thick embellishments.

This Mother's Day write a letter to your children...what did they teach you?

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