Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day & the pink envelope

I woke up this morning to a brand new glider from my hubby for Mother's day.
 I had been hinting that if I was to be a "real" Grammie I needed a rocker for singing, cuddling and reading to the babies:)

The glider was a wonderful surprise but what made my heart skip a beat was the pink envelope with my name on it.

After almost 30 years together I still love to get cards from Michael.
I love the way he signs "All my love" and knowing that he means it.

It hasn't been a perfect love we have shared, but a committed love, the kind you can count on, the kind you don't give up on, and the kind of love that requires a lifetime of work!

This kind of love works for mothering too:)

I am so happy today because of the wonderful privelege I have had to be a mother.
I finally have let go of the guilt about all the things
I should have,
could have,
would have done.
This makes for a much happier Mother's day celebration!
It helps to have forgiving children:)
Happy Mother's day to me!

Daughters Danielle & Brittany with her  hubby Travis and baby Annabelle
The Tolmans
Skyping with my Savannah:)

Dinner by Brittany...I love other people cooking!

Decadent chocolate arrangement by Brittany & Travis
Happy Mother's Day to me!

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