Monday, May 28, 2018

Vintage table make-over in copper & blue

May 23, 2012 (original posting)

This is a Nellie's Cottage original...a table built by my PaPa Albert over 60 years ago! 

My mom had it for years and then I was the next lucky winner of PaPa's hand built creation. The table had the same brown stain for all of those years, as usual I had a make-over plan in mind:)

First the entire table was painted a metallic copper. To add a bit of distressing I lightly & quickly dry-brushed a brown paint over the surface to "age" the look...which is quite funny considering this table is 60+ years old!
Since I am still on the hunt around my home for "things to make blue" like my door & shutters DIY blue shutters, a New Orleans flair and cabinet Cabinet redo-stenciling in blue  so......I decided to stencil the table. 
After I painted the table copper I had used 2 different wooden mounted stamps with paint to create the border around the edges. The table stayed this way for a few years until we moved again and I became obsessed with blues! This bold stencil was perfect to make this one of a kind table more of a statement piece on my new back porch. 
Stenciling is a matter of patience and using the paint sparingly so it doesn't bleed under the stencil design. 
Sadly this particular stencil has been discontinued.

I absolutely love these kinds of projects! They are so fun because they are small enough to do in one day...instant creative satisfaction:) 

As I am updating this post May 28th 2017.... this table and everything else we own has been though hurricane Harvey and is now sporting a little more wear & tear. 

As of May 19th (yes I recorded the date!) we FINALLY have a completely clean back porch. Our renovation supplies had occupied this space since last September! Oh how sweet it feels to have a clean back porch!

We are now moving again, which will mean another make-over tweak for this sturdy table. I'm thinking a good sand down, then matte black black paint and then....trying out my new medallion stencil that is "burning a hole" in my creative pocket! I feel another post up-date coming soon...

I am never really completely "done" decorating ...are you?

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