Friday, June 29, 2012

Bulletin board make over!

There are 2 places I stand the most in my kitchen, one is at the sink and the other is at the stove looking into my stairwell. It occurred to me that on that staircase would be the perfect place for a picture spot. A place for current pictures too numerous to ever put in frames or even on facebook:)
I wonder...will seeing the sweet faces of those I have fed a thousand times make cooking future meals more enjoyable? 
I will let you know:)

I started with a bulletin board my sweet daughter law did not want move (thanks Janene:) which was black. In my "painting everything blue stage" I distressed the edges with blue but several months later now I chose to tone it down a bit with aged copper. I thought those stampin' up edging inkers would create a cool pattern....not! So I just used a rag to finish the distressing job on the frame and ribbon.

Next the fun part:) I stamped 2 images on several squares, inked 3 random chipboard flourishes with copper,  added some pearl embellishments, and 3 metal tags. My final touch was some random 1980's earrings which I am glad I did not throw away!

This can made out of any plain bulletin board!
*Paint frame as desired
*Choose ribbon-I recommend gross grain ribbon.
*Layout design then adhere ribbon to edges with fabric glue. Do not glue entire line of ribbon down!
 staple intersections and top with something interesting like a button, metal piece or 80's earrings:)
*Choose coordinating papers, cut to the size of your squares and generously put adhesive on the bottom to secure. 
*Optional-I put a thin coat of matte mod podge on all the paper.
*Choose embellishments and adhere with appropriate adhesive.
*For embellishments I used chipboard flourishes inked with copper ink, pre-made vintage metal words, pearls and pearl flourishes, and a gold C for Crossley:)
* The kind of pictures that will show up the best on this type of project are the close ups:)

Find a picture spot in your house and create a masterpiece bulletin board!

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